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Jul 24, 2008

he's my sensitive baby

Earlier we were watching tv, when that really sad animal commercial came on. It's about donating and helping the animal shelter, and it shows all these beaten up dogs and cats. Of course it was playing the really sad music, by that famous chick.. I forget her name. Anyways, as soon as it came on, Kyle started saying "mama, oh, no", "yuckies", "okay?" and words like that. As they kept showing pictures, he would get more serious, and that's when I noticed he started getting teary-eyed. I kept trying to tell him that it was okay, and the doggies and kitties were okay. But then, they showed a clip of a tiny kitty, and he said "oh, no, kitty stuck!!!".. and he started CRYING. That made ME start crying. I had to try and get him calmed down, but he was so worried about this cat, he wouldnt stop crying. Doesn't that break your heart? After the commercial ended he said "kittty..stuck..key".. I asked him "key?" and he said "yeah,". I guess he wanted us to get in the car and get the key to get the kitty out. Kyle is wild, hyper, and sometimes crazy, but he sure is one loving kid who melts my heart.

ETA: It's the ASPCA commercial and the song's Angel by Sarah McLachlan. Thanks, Ro!

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