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Oct 31, 2008

Musical Highway

Have you ever heard of the Musical Highway (known in Japan as Melody Road)? There is a Musical Highway here in Lancaster, CA and we rode down it the other night! Definitely cool =) I guess the grooves are made specifically for a Honda Civic, so now I'm curious as to what it sounds like in something other than a Daewoo or a Dodge (what my sister and brother drive). Here's a video clip I took. Can you tell what song it is?? :~)

Oct 28, 2008

Oct 27, 2008

Old Friends

Today I was able to go have lunch with two best friends that I grew up with. We met when I was 5yrs old, so I have known them for about 17yrs!!! It was so great to be able to see them again. It has only been two years since I last saw them, but when you see someone pretty much every day for many, many years - two years seems like a loooong time. I wish we could meet up more often, it was fun catching up!! =)

My sister, Marie, Alicia, Courtney, Me, Leah, and Kyle

Alicia, Courtney, Me, Leah, Kyle and my brother, Chris

Oct 26, 2008

be careful how much you eat

Since Kylie, my niece, was around me during the last month of my pregnancy with Kyle, and then the last week and a half while pregnant with Leah, she knows a lot of things about pregnancies and babies. Last night my sister and I were talking to Kylie about babies.
Where they came from. How they got there. And how babies got out of the belly.
While we were talking, I asked Kylie if she knew how babies got inside a Mommy's belly.
Her reply? ....

"you eat a lot of food"


Me and my sister about died laughing. I asked her if that's how babies got inside the belly, what did Mommy (my sister) eat to get her inside her belly. She said "bread".

Kids really do say the cutest things!!

Oct 25, 2008


I know two little girls who had a good night's sleep..

Watching her Mommy cook us some breakfast!

This last one is my favorite, hehe.

Oct 22, 2008

Unforgettable Moments

I saw this idea a long time ago, and now that I have a blog, I figured this would be a good place to share just a few unforgettable moments. Of course these are in no particular order.

1. The day I came back from Christmas vacation, and Brandon surprised me at the train station. My Mom and brother came to pick me up, and deep down I had a feeling he would be there, too. We weren't dating yet (we had been talking about it though), but the feeling I had when I saw him is unforgettable!

2. The night I trusted Jesus Christ to be my personal Savior. I was spending the night at my K-5 teacher's house and we were going through the Bible story picture cards when she asked me if I was going to heaven. After explaining Heaven and Hell, Jesus' love, and that I was a sinner I asked God to forgive me and was saved.

3. The day my Mom and sister came to "steal" me and my brother from my Dad. My parents were going through their divorce and we were still living with my Dad. My Dad was at work and I was at T-Ball practice when my Mom came and told me to get in the car. We went and picked up my brother from the babysitter's, left Tokyo and drove up to Misawa. Every time I hear any of Madonna's old songs like "Like a Virgin", it reminds me of that long drive home. I was only 5yrs old, too.

4. The day my best friend and her brother sneaked me into their house. Their Dad came home early so I had to jump out of the house through their shower/bathroom window!! I remember Arlene throwing my shoes out the window and running so fast. I looked back and her Dad stuck his head out the window and yelled at me. Funny now, but it wasn't back then!!! LOL

5. The moment Brandon held Kyle for the very first time. His eyes watered and it melted my heart. It made me love my husband even more, if that was even possible. =)

6. The day we found out that baby #2 was A GIRL!!!

7. The day Brandon and I went to go on a cruise for our friend's wedding. We had Brandon's Aunt and Uncle watch Kyle for us. It was so hard waving goodbye and leaving him for the very first time. I cried so hard on the drive to Miami. While on the cruise, every.single.thing reminded me of my baby boy!!! We had a GREAT time though. It was a vacation/honeymoon (we didn't have a honeymoon after our wedding) for us, and I would go on another cruise again. But the next time we do it, I will wait until the kids are a little older.

8. The moment I heard my niece's first cry. I had walked out of the delivery room to call my Mom and Kylie's Dad to let them know that Kylie was about to make her grand entrance. As my friend and I were walking back to the door, we were debating who should open the door (hey, I was only 16yrs old!!) and as soon as I put my hand on the door knob I heard Kylie cry. I opened that door, oh-so-fast!! I will never forget the day my niece was born. I was ecstatic!!

9. The day Kyle locked us out of the house. Leah was just a few months old, sleeping in her crib and we were outside cleaning up. Kyle walked into the house and when I realized he went back inside, I walked over to the door. But it was already too late. Brandon and I stood at the door begging him to unlock the door. There are two locks on the door, and once we got one of the unlocked, he turned the car alarm on! He had gotten a hold of Brandon's keys that were right next to the door. Brandon closed the garage door, I don't remember why (probably to avoid a scene), but when he did it got extremely loud. All I could do was stand there with my hands over my ears tryng not to go into a panic attack. I was about to start crying my eyes out when Brandon had me go to our sliding glass door and yell for Kyle. I banged and banged on the door and finally he came and looked through the blinds. Kyle was able to open the sliding glass door for me. Of course he was crying the entire time because he thought we were locking him out of the house! I never want to go through that again!!

10. The day my hubby came back from his 5wk TDY to Nellis AFB in Las Vegas. It was our first "homecoming" and it also happened to be the day he asked me to be his wife!

Do you have any unforgettable moments you'd like to share?! If you do, I'd love to read them. I'm just nosy like that! hehe

Oct 21, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - Our Babies

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Oct 20, 2008

One of those days

Some days I feel like a complete failure as a Mom.
Today has been one of those days.
Some days I believe in the "terrible twos" and some days I think they don't exist.
Today was definitely a believing day.
No matter how many times I threatened, yelled, or spanked, it didn't matter.
And after it was all said and done, I ended up feeling SO guilty for having raised my voice.
I can say "sorry" all I want.
But, actions speak louder than words.
It's just been one of those days.
And now I have to ask/beg/pray to God that He will give me another day.
Another day to try harder. To try better.

The Simple Woman's Daybook 10-20-08

For Today...

Outside my Window... it is slowly starting to warm up. It's been getting down to the 40's here.

I am thinking... I am excited to meet my sister's friend and go to a Japanese restaurant for lunch. I miss authentic Japanese food!!

I am thankful for... being able to visit my family in California.

From the kitchen... I can hear Leah playing with the refrigerator magnets. Breakfast will probably be cereal!

I am wearing... pajamas and a sweatshirt, brrr!

I am reading.. all of my sister's cookbooks, searching for new recipes.

I am hoping... to hear from my hubby. It has been two days and I would like to know that he's okay and that he got to his destination safely.

I am creating... nothing at the moment.

I am hearing... Kyle watching 'Dora the Explorer' and Leah playing.

Around the house... I have been decorating and cleaning my sisters house. I should have taken before and after pictures!!

One of my favorite things... looking at my niece's baby pictures and seeing how much Leah looks like her. It is crazy!!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... not really sure.. just hangin' with the family.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you... Can you see me?? It's a bad picture, because it's a picture OF a picture! I got to ride on the CV-22 (what my hubby works on) and they took a group photo. I didn't realize I was hiding (Kyle is in there, too, but he's b
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Oct 18, 2008

Brother and Uncle

My Brother and I are 19 months apart, so needless to say, we are pretty close. When I got married and moved out, I think he took it harder than anyone else. I haven't seen him since Christmas of 2006, so it's been great catching up! I love my brother and Kyle and Leah are already fascinated with him. They love their Uncle Chris!!

Btw, I cut my brother's hair. He hated it at first, and he still doesn't love it. But, I do! I think it looks great. Wouldn't you agree??

Oct 16, 2008

Scattegories Meme

Here are the rules:
Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the following questions.
They have to be real places, names, things. nothing made up!
You can’t use your name for the boy/girl name question.
1. What is your name? Laura
2. A 4 Letter Word: Love
3. A Boys Name: Landon
4. A Girls Name: Leah =)
5. An Occupation: Limo driver
6. A Color: Lilac
7. Something you wear: Lace
8. A Beverage: Latte
9. A Food: Lasagna
10. Something found in the bathroom: Light bulbs
11. A place: Lincoln, Nebraska
12. A Reason for being late: Laziness
13. Something you shout: Loser!!


We had a pretty good flight here to California. About 35mins into our first flight, I noticed Kyle was turned in his seat with his blanket over face. I asked him to turn around and that's when I noticed he was crying. He kept saying "Dada gone" and "go home" over and over. I wanted to cry with him, the poor thing was missing his Daddy. It took about 10mins, but I got him to calm down. Kyle did so great on the airplane, I was really shocked. Leah did well, too, but she had her moments where she just wanted to get down and crawl.

My sister and brother came to get us at the airport. They told my niece that they were going to the hospital, because it was a surprise that we were coming in. Kylie thought we weren't flying in until the next day. I wish I would have taken a picture of Kylie's expression when we walked through the door. She was so confused!! LOL

We are having a blast here. My sister has a dog, which the kids aren't used to. Leah has gotten licked in the face a couple of times, and she's not a fan, hehe!!

I have taken over the house. My sister just moved into this house, so I did a lot of re-arranging and decorating yesterday. It's nice decorating with new-to-me stuff!! My sister and I have different tastes in home decor.. I am a more modern person and she's more country!! It's been fun though!

This it totally off-subject, but prayers are definitely needed. The day we left Florida, there was an accident right in front of the street we live on. A military man in a SUV crashed into a bus, it was so bad, his vehicle went underneath the bus. Unfortunately, the Airman didn't make it. Brandon's co-worker was actually one of people who pulled the man out. Please pray for his family. I don't know if he was married or not or if he had any kids.

Oct 14, 2008


Am I forgetting something?
How will I use the bathroom while holding Leah?
Will Kyle freak out when I flush the LOUD airplane toilet?
How will we will all fit in the airplane's bathrom?!
Will we have to run to catch our next flight? (only a 45min layover)
Will the kids behave or will they be cranky?
Did I pack enough snacks for us?
Are we going to have a friendly person sitting next to us, who won't mind Kyle's constant talking and Leah's need to be constantly attached to my breasts?
Are my suitcases going to be lost? Because, you know, my coupons are in my suitcase and I just can't lose those!!!!!!

So many questions running through my head. Please pray that we have smooth and safe flights to California!! Thanks in advance =)

Oct 13, 2008

The Simple Woman's Daybook 10/13

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Outside My Window... it looks like winter! It is cloudy and dark, but still warm outside. Weird Florida weather for you.
I am thinking... about all the things I need to get done today!

I am thankful for... having a few true, great bestfriends.
From the kitchen... we're trying to eat up the perishables as we will all be leaving this week.
I am wearing... pajamas, of course!
I am creating... a list of things I need to pack. Don't want to forget anything important.
I am going... to clean the house, pack, and make sure my hubby has plenty of food to eat before he goes TDY.
I am reading... the same book I've been reading for the past few months!
I am hoping... the kids are really good for me on the trip to California.
I am hearing... the wind chimes outside our sliding glass door.
Around the house... Kyle is watching 'Go Diego Go', Leah is trying to fall back asleep in her crib, and the husband is still asleep.
One of my favorite things... when Kyle and Leah smile at me.
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: finish packing, flying to California, and then just hanging out with sister, brother, and niece!!!
Here is picture that I am sharing...

Oct 11, 2008

Photo Shoot @ Home

September 27th, 2008
Kyle, almost 2.5yrs old
Leah, 7 months and a day old

Oct 9, 2008


Kyle is obsessed with pretty much anything that has a motor/engine. He loves cars, airplanes, helicopters, and motorcycles. Loves them! Lucky for him, we live very close to the base my hubby works at. Not only do we have the base we are stationed at really close by, there are two other military bases not too far from us. Don't forget the local airports either. And.. in the summer time we have the little Cessna's that fly over the beach with ad banners. So, to say we see a lot of airplanes is an understatement.

The other day we were driving home from the grocery store and we were pointing out all the airplanes/helicopters we saw. Kyle says "ah! airplane!!! aww..bird!" hahaha. It was so funny to hear him talk to himself. He was disappointed that it was just a bird, hehe.

Oct 7, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - I'm Addicted!!!

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Oct 6, 2008

The Simple Woman's Daybook 10/06/08

If you want to join in, head on over to The Simple Woman!


Outside my Window...
it is super quite. We live on a Cul-de-sac off a major highway, but we never get any traffic.

I am thinking...
about our upcoming vacation to my sister's house in California!! Eight more days and we will be on an airplane.

From the learning rooms...
Kyle and I like to count together and do flashcards. We have also been learning the alphabet.

I am thankful for...
having had easy and pretty much uncomplicated pregnancies and deliveries. Also, for having healthy babies.

From the kitchen...
I will be making a ham/cheese/broccoli omelet for breakfast.

I am wearing...
mismatched pajamas.

I am reading...
Peculiar Treasures by Robin Jones Gunn.

I am hoping...
to get the house cleaned up after a very busy weekend.

I am creating...
a schedule of things that need to be done before our upcoming vacation.

I am hearing...
Dora the Explorer on tv, Kyle talking along and Leah making baby noises.

Around the house...
toys, store ads from the newspaper, and random junk are spread across the living room.

One of my favorite things...
sitting around with my brother and sister and laughing about the days when we were kids, or even going through old pictures and laughing at each other!!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...
clean the house, pack suitcases, find carry-on bags, and the list goes on!

Here is a picture I am sharing with you...

Our Weekend

On Saturday we had a very busy, yet fun-filled day! It started with us getting up at 7am, getting ready and heading out to the base's parking lot yard sale. I was on a misson to find both of the kids pants as it will be getting cool here really soon. I ended up buying Leah a couple of outfits (I couldn't resist the cute dresses!!). I found Kyle some jeans.. and when I started to look around, I realized there was nobody manning their spot. Uh, okay. It was getting pretty warm outside, and Kyle wanted something to drink.. so I just left. Oh, well! I guess they really didn't want to sell their stuff anyways.

When we got back to the car, Kyle told me that his feet were hurting and that his shoes were "tight". Poor kid! I was thinking earlier that he was probably outgrowing his shoes, but never checked. So, we decided to make a stop at the mall. We ended up buying him three pairs of shoes! He needed new dress shoes, and they were on sale for $4.99. And then I found a pair of shoes that I liked on Kyle, but Brandon liked a different pair better, so we just bought both, LOL.

After the mall, we went home, changed and headed back out the door. We went to the Circus!! I was so excited. I have never been to a Circus before and neither have the kids, so it was a first for the three of us. We had such a good time and we even dragged Uncle Matt and Aunt Rebekah to go, too. I took a couple of pictures, but halfway through Leah was hot (that girl needs her AC, spoiled I tell ya!) and she was getting sleepy. I ended up standing for quite a bit of it and didn't take as many pictures as I wanted to.

Once the circus was finished, we decided to go to Cici's for dinner. It was a first (again) for both Rebekah and I. We all loved it!! They have a BBQ pizza and a spinach dip pizza.. oh my goodness!! It was all so yummy. After dinner, the boys went back home and the girls went to a Mary Kay party. We got home a little bit after 9pm, but I was exhausted. What a day!!!

Oct 3, 2008

I've been tagged!

Sherry tagged me for this meme, so here I go!

1. I am absolutely, completely obsessed with anything BBQ related. I love BBQ Chips, I will put BBQ sauce on pretty much anything I eat. I want to visit Texas.. just to eat their BBQ (well, and to visit some friends, hehe).

2. The one chore that I put off for as long as I can is dusting. I hate to dust!

3. Please, don't send me any hate mail, but I was cheering for Japan in the Olympics. Especially the men's swimming. I love America, I'm an American citizen, but I was born and raised in Japan and I love that country, too. Of course I wasn't disappointed when the U.S. got the gold medal!! It just would have been nice to see my other country do well, too.

4. I am a pack-rat. I am slowly learning that it's okay to get rid of stuff!

5. My kids and I have the same small birthmark on the top of our backs. Mine has slowly moved over as I have gotten older though.

6. Every.single.time my husband leaves and goes TDY I paint my fingernails and my toenails black. LOL.

7. I always thought it would be cool if I married a man who had the last name "Lovelace", I would be 'Laura Lovelace'.. haha, nice, huh?

This was hard for me to do!! I'm supposed to tag 7 people to do this. But, I'm just going to skip that part. But if you want to do this one, pretend I tagged you! ;)

Oct 2, 2008

Counting and Cards

I took two videos of Kyle today. One I was trying to get him to count, but he wasn't all that into it. And the other one was when we were doing flashcards. Please ignore his unbuttoned onesie and the jello stains from his after-dinner snack! Oh! And, um, could you please ignore my awful singing!!

It's official ...

The kids and I are going to visit my sister, my niece, my brother, and quite possibly my Mom!!! I am so excited. We leave on the 14th and will be gone for quite awhile (Brandon will be TDY). I haven't seen my brother in two years (that's a looong time for me!). My brother nor my Mom have met Leah yet, so we all can't wait to get together again. The last time I was in California was Christmas of 2004. I'm going to miss my hubby and the kids will miss their Daddy, but I am sure the time will just fly. AH! I am so excited! Can you tell?! :)

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