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Apr 29, 2009

Figure Eight... Number Eight...

Well, since I can't sleep and I just got tagged for this meme by Courtney.. I'm going to share some information you probably don't care about! =)

Eight Things I'm Looking Forward To:
  • My sunburn healing, LOL. I mistakenly used SPF 15.. thought it was 50! Ouch!
  • Our 4yr wedding anniversary (June 4th). No idea what we are going to do, but still excited
  • My husband's family reunion in June. There are still a lot of people I haven't met yet and we get to see family that we don't see often.
  • Going to Disney. Again, no idea when, but I've never been and can't wait.
  • Being in a single digit clothing size! So close!!!
  • Our church's Mother and Daughter Luncheon. I have always dreamed of going with my own little girl and now I get to!!! Yay!
  • Going to Publix tomorrow and getting in on some good deals.
  • Finishing our yard projects.

Eight Things I Did Yesterday:

  • Ran/walked 3.8 miles.
  • Played Phase 10 with my hubby.
  • Made Pepperoni Pizza Casserole for dinner and one for the freezer.
  • Scheduled Kyle's 3yr checkup.
  • Searched for lost sippy cups.
  • Cleaned my side of the closet.
  • Watched Oprah's Earth Day episode.
  • Complimented my husband's amazing smile.
Eight Things I Wish I Could Do:

  • Run a mile and a half in 10mins.
  • Draw/paint.
  • Read my Bible all the way through. Hate that I still haven't done this.
  • Visit Europe.
  • Go back to highschool. K, maybe not really..but I wish I had studied harder and paid more attention.
  • Give my Mom a hug.
  • Be closer to my niece and watch her grow up.
  • Shuffle cards.

Eight Shows I Watch: (occasionally)

  • American Idol
  • Oprah
  • Semi-homemade w/ Sandra Lee
  • Desperate Housewives
  • The Hills
  • Grey's Anatomy
  • Keeping up with the Kardashian's
  • The Amazing Race

Eight People I Tag:
I'm not going to tag anyone. If you feel like doing it, let me know so I can read your 8 things!! :)

Apr 27, 2009

First Giveaway Winner & Giving Thanks

My first giveaway was an impromptu giveaway, but that's okay! Still fun, right? I used and the # it gave me was... #2. KCShipe @ BooksNBoys wins the Clean and Clear package! Congrats!!


I was driving home from my doctor's appointment today and just couldn't stop thinking about things in my life that I am so grateful for. Here are just a few things that were running through my head today!

  • we don't have to worry about my husband losing his job

  • I am able to stay at home and take care of our house and children

  • we have "free" medical care

  • the four of us are very healthy

  • we have two running cars

  • we live in a nice house

  • we aren't starving and have plenty of food

  • we are able to go to the gym for free

  • and it even has a child and parent room

  • our kids have toys and clothes, probably too much of both!

I could go on and on, as I am sure you could, too! Sometimes I just get caught up in the day to day things and forget to stop and just be thankful.

Thank you, Lord, for saving my soul, Thank you, Lord, for making me whole; Thank you, Lord, for giving to me Thy great salvation so rich and free.

(picture credit,

Apr 24, 2009

Friday Photo Flashback

Alicia over at More Than Words has started her own fun bloggy carnival. Friday Photo Flashback!! I'm still a youngin' (not saying anyone's old, LOL) and don't have a lot of pictures that are super old or that are even from the pre-digital camera days. I was five when my parents went through a nasty divorce and somehow my brother and I only have less than a handful of baby pictures. Sad, huh? Well, enough of that. I love this picture of me and my brother. I was six and he was almost four. Ever since we were born we have been super close!

Apr 23, 2009

Things I love Thursday - BzzAgent & Clean and Clear

I've been a member of BzzAgent (a word of mouth marketing company) for awhile now. They send me products to try and even a sample product to give to someone else. Included in the packages are several high value coupons. Recently, I was sent products made by Clean and Clear. I received the Makeup Dissolving Facial Cleansing Wipes and a bottle of Soothing Eye Makeup Remover. The wipes are my new bestfriend. My bedtime routine of washing my face is so much easier now. My sister has always told me to use makeup removing wipes, but I never really listened. I am starting to think that maybe that is the reason why I have been having really bad break-outs! Just maybe I wasn't getting all of my makeup off. I have used wipes in the past and after 20 seconds, your little towellete is all dried out! Not these things. These babies stay nice and moist.

All that to say, I am giving away a package of their wipes, 2 coupons for $2 off (one for you and the other to share with someone else!) and a little Clean and Clear makeup bag. Now, I know I don't have a million readers and I really don't care. I am just spreading the word! ;) All you have to do is leave me a comment telling me your favorite skin care brand! That's it. I'll randomly select a winner on Monday. =)

Thanks to TheDiaperDiaries for hosting Things I love Thursday!

Apr 20, 2009

the weekend

I found out last week that my Mama is able to read my blog now. Her boyfriend prints out each of my blog posts for her!!!! My Mom doesn't have internet, nor does she even know how to work a computer. But her bf does! I'm so excited!!! Hi, Mom!!!!!!!!!! :) It's time to put the babies to bed, so here's a re-cap of our weekend in pictures!

Kyle opening his presents

He wanted a Hulk cake. It was the only thing he talked about.

Our present to him.. a bike!! Before I know it, we're going to be taking the training wheels off, huh?!?

Whoops! Helmets are important!

Miss Leah pointing at an airplane

Kyle in Destin

Kyle ran off with his other parents (Matt and Bek), lol, so it was just us 3.

I'm so blessed to have a beautiful family!! Us with Brandon's parents

Apr 16, 2009

Birthday Boy

Kyle turned 3 years old on Monday. Yesterday I realized I didn't blog about it!! LOL. Bad Mommy!! I guess since we aren't celebrating his birthday until Saturday, it sort of slipped my mind. Yikes! We didn't tell him it was his birthday until the afternoon and then we asked him what he wanted to eat for dinner, of course his answer was pizza. We explained that he wouldn't be opening his presents or getting his cake until Saturday. Happy Birthday, Buddy!!

How did we go from him being this little, tiny baby..

to this big, handsome, non-stop talking boy!?!

Or his first Easter (well, technically his 2nd, since his first one he was only 3days old!).. his 3rd Easter!!!

I wish the time would slow down just a little. *sigh* I have a three year old now!

Apr 15, 2009

What's in your purse?

I try to clean out my purse often. But, I guess with two kids, it's just going to get nasty!
Here's my list, what's yours??
  • 3 notepads

  • a cough drop

  • a water bill

  • 9 coupons

  • 2 mints

  • 5 church bulletins

  • 2 letters from mypoints, that had giftcards enclosed

  • a lollipop

  • a pack of wipes

  • my wallet (not even gonna list what's in there!)

  • checkbook

  • 2 small picture album things

  • stamps

  • ugh, crumbs and broken crackers *shy face*

  • some black unknown object!

  • wrappers from a straw, cookies, lollipops, and coughdrop

  • a set of keys and a lock (Kyle loves keys)

  • a broken cell that is used as a toy for the kids, lol

  • a frequent haircut card

  • hand sanitizing wipes

  • small bottle of lotion

  • dayquil pills

  • a hair tie and clip

  • 13 receipts

  • my coach wristlet

  • a bouncy ball

  • 3 tampons

  • 2 perfume samples

  • a pengrocery lists on random pieces of paper

  • 2 comment cards for the base gym

  • 120 yen.. yeah, haven't been to Japan since Nov of 2006!!! Another thing Kyle loves.. coins!

  • lip gloss x2

  • lipstick

  • lip plumper, lol, like I need that!

  • chapstick still in the package

  • 4 grocery pamphlets w/ coupons

  • and a keychain my mom gave me back in November of last year.

Crazy! I'm almost embarrased to even show how filthy the inside of my purse was. I love BIG purses, but I know for a lot of people huge isn't their thing. I think my sister is my only friend who shares a passion of big bags with me! BTW, I got a great deal on that purse. I found a BIG name brand purse that I wanted... it was about $300. I told the husband about it, so we went shopping (not for that pricey one.. I personally can't justify spending that kind of money on a purse!). Well, we went into Nine West, and what do you know! I found that purse's twin! I think mine even looks better than the $300 one, hehe. I paid less than $30 for mine, and we even donated a few dollars to a charity! Score! =)

Here's a picture of my purse and my handsome model, LOL. He's gonna hate me for that one, huh??

Apr 10, 2009

Friday Funnies

Kyle was patiently (or so I thought) waiting by the door for me and Leah to finish getting ready, so we could go to the gym. As I was putting my shoes on, Kyle says "Come on, Woman!". I started laughing and thought maybe I heard him wrong. I asked him what did he just say and he replies "Come on, Woman, hahaaha". I couldn't stop laughing. I know he picked it up from my hubby. It was just too funny to get on to him about talkin' to me like that. LOL. =)

To get your laugh on, head here!

Apr 6, 2009

I guess I'm boring ;)

My husband said that I haven't posted pictures on my blog for a really long time.. and now it's boring! Why, thanks, Babe! =) I think I am the only wife who has a husband who checks her blog daily!
I decided to just come here and post some pictures....of my handsome hubby.. hehe. Teaches him to tell me my blog is boring! ;)

This picture shows just how much my hubby takes really good care of things he owns. He came home on his lunch break and then .. finished waxing his car! Still in his blue's (that's not his daily uniform.. this one is a "dress" uniform).

And lastly, our bestfriend's got a boat!!! So here's a picture of Brandon on it. My husband and Matt spent the day Saturday cleaning it up and changing the oil on it. I have a feelin' I'm going to be super tan this summer!! Goodbye pasty white legs!! ;)

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