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Feb 26, 2009


Happy 1st Birthday, Baby Girl. Mommy loves you, oh-so much!

I enjoyed being pregnant with you.. I just knew you were going to be a girl!

You were such a little chunker! But, I always wanted a chubby baby..

I got a kick out of seeing you suck your thumb at such an early age.. you stopped after only a few months though..

Your cheeks were and still are perfect for kissing..

You did so good when you got your ears pierced! You stopped crying as soon as your Daddy stood up.

Your smiles are hard to catch on camera.. but that makes it all the more special..

Your brother adores you.. and you adore him. He already cares and loves for you so much.
I hope the two of you become the best of friends..

You love to get in to every thing, which is why there are locks on all the cabinets. But, surprisingly, you hardly ever touched the Christmas tree.

You are a Daddy's girl. He loves you more than you can imagine. It didn't take you long before you had him wrapped around your fingers.. ;)

I'm so thankful that I'm the one you call "Mama".

I am having some serious picture issues w/ blogger.. after 2hrs, I give up. This is as good as it's gonna get! :(

Feb 25, 2009

Kmart Deal

If you have a stash of coupons and you have a Kmart near you, don't walk, RUN there! My friend Rebekah and I decided to go take advantage of their double coupon days - and we scored! Here's a picture of every thing I bought. My total with tax was $37.43. How much did I save? $76.85!!

Here's a detailed list of what I got and how much I paid for it.

L'oreal Eyeshadow - free

Suave body wash -2.97 for 3

Revlon eyelash curler - 1.79

Colgate Kid's toothpaste - 1.50 (needed this!!)

Crest toothpaste - all 4 for free

Secret Deodorant - .58 for 2

Gillette shampoo - 1.00 for 2

Always pads - free

Dove shampoo - .49

Dayquil - 1.29

Carefree pads - free

Dawn soap - .99

Dawn soap - .99

Easyups training pants - 7.49

Bounty papertowel - .49

Pampers diapers - 7.99

Bounce dryer sheets - .79

Pringles - both free

animals crackers - 1.29 (a just because item for Kyle)

If I didn't buy the diapers, my total would have been $21.48! Not bad, huh? Check online to see if the Kmart near you is participating in double coupon days.

It's a party!

We threw Leah's 1st birthday party on Saturday. She doesn't actually turn the big ONE until tomorrow, but it was better for everyone's schedule if we did it a week before. I still can't believe she will be a year old. I know everyone says it, but it really does seem like she was JUST born. *sigh* Why do they have to grow up so fast?

Group shot of all the kids

Rebekah, Me, Nicole

The cake I made for Leah's party (thanks for helping Bek!)

Poor Kyle, he kept wanting to open all of Leah's presents!


Leah actually ate her cake. When Kyle was turning one, he didn't even touch his cake!

Feb 23, 2009


Life has been going in fast foward these past couple of days. I haven't had time to blog or even read blogs this past weekend. I just wanted to get on here really quick and ask for your prayers. My husband is testing for his next rank tomorrow. He wasn't supposed to test for another 2wks, but his date got pushed up. This rank (Tech) is, I guess, the hardest rank to make in the Air Force. A lot of people have to test two to three, or sometimes even more, times to pass. So, if you can, please lift up a prayer for him. Pray that he remembers everything he has studied and, of course, that he passes! The worst part of testing is that you don't find out for a few months if you passed or not! If my hubby makes Tech Sgt., it's about another $600 a month! ;) Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers!

Feb 18, 2009

44 questions

I need a break from all the cleaning, so since Alicia tagged me, I figured I would do this. This is definitely more fun than dusting!

1) Favorite object in your room? The bed!
2)What's your favorite ice cream flavor? I can't pick a favorite. I love icecream period. Just no nuts, please.
3) Do you own guns? Yes, we have one. So don't be tryin' to break in, mmk?
4) What flavor do you add to your drink at sonic? I always get a Strawberry or Watermelon Limeade.. yummmm
5) Do you get nervous before doctor appointments? Always.
6) What do you think of hot dogs? I love the fact that I finally got my friend Rebekah to start eating them.. well, the only beef ones.
7) Favorite song? Too many to list!
8) Can you do push ups? Hahaha.. maybe a few of the girlie kind
9) Can you do a chin up? A big fat NO
10) Favorite type of jewelry? Anything
11) Do you like blue cheese? I do.
12) Ever been in a car wreck? Yep.
13) What's one trait that you hate about yourself? Lack of self-confidence.
14) Middle name? Marie
15) Name 3 thoughts at this exact moment. 1. I'm annoyed that it started pouring... had to close the windows :( 2. Why did I eat that smore!? 3. I want a nap.
16) Name 3 things you bought yesterday. 1. a butterfly cake pan, 2. new razor refills, 3. popcorn
17) Name 3 drinks you drink regularly? Water, Milk, and Water
18) Current worry. Not necessarily worrying, but I have no idea what to make along with burgers and hotdogs on Saturday. NOTHING sounds good to me!!!! Aye!
19) Current hate right now? Kyle's messy room.
20) How did you bring in the New Year? With the family and friends
21) Where would you like to be right now? Just want my family here :(
22) Name three people who will complete this and let them know. Whoever is bored like me!
23) Do you own slippers? Yep!
24) What shirt are you wearing? Blank tank top and a gray zip-up short-sleeve sweater thingie, lol. No idea what it's called.
25) Do you like sleeping on satin sheets? I think it would be nice!
26) Can you whistle? I can.
27) Would you be a pirate? No thanks.
28) What songs do you sing in the shower? Whatever is on our shower radio.
29) Favorite girl's name? Don't have a favorite. I guess I should say 'Leah' since I named my daughter that, right? LOL
30) Favorite boy's name? I really, really like Matthew, but the hubby doesnt. And I really, really like Jake. If we ever have a "whoops, we're pregnant!" thing and it's a boy, definitely naming him Jake!
31) What's in your pocket? Nada
33) Best memory as a child? Being carefree and having no worries.
34) Worst injury you've ever had? Not sure.
35) Do you love where you live? It's ok.
36) How many TVs do you have in your house? 2
37) Who is your loudest friend? Umm, I don't know.
38) How many dogs do you have? None.
39) Does someone have a crush on you? I hope not!
40) What is your favorite candy? Anything with chocolate!
41) Favorite Sport team? Don't have one.
42) Where is the next place you want to travel to? Japan.. we're trying to go next year!! :)
43) What were you doing 12 AM last night? Sitting on our bed w/ the laptop, while talkin' to the hubby
44) What was the first thing you thought of when you woke up? "what time is it?"

Feb 17, 2009

keepin' it real

~~I have had so much on my mind lately. I don't even know where to begin. Right now I'm in one of those moods where all I want to do is read blogs, not write them.

~~Oh! It's lookin' like we are winnin' the challenge!!! Our friends have eaten out, I think, 3 times (and that's being nice, since, a certain husband has been buying soda at work, lol)! But, anywho, we went to the outlet mall in Alabama yesterday, the hubby and Kyle had pizza and I got a drink. So, now it's 2 to 1. I am very proud that we have only eaten out once so far this month. I don't think we will be eating out as much anymore.

~~I went through our statements for Dec and Jan and got so sick to my stomach. I wasn't going to tell you all how much we spent on eating out.. but I'm keepin' it real! So.... for the month of December we spent $356.45 and the month of January we spent $259.91. That's ONLY on eating out.. not including groceries. Do you know how many car payments that is for us!? :( Now, I know we had birthday's and all, but there is no reason for us to spend that much on fast food and restaurants! Ugh. I am so disappointed, but we are moving on. We've decided to stop eating out as much and start putting the money we would spend into a separate savings account. So we can't touch it!

~~I have been keeping track of pretty much every single penny we have spent. This month is going to be a high-spending month since we got our income tax return. We also had to buy new tires for Brandon's car, an expensive car part, a big girl seat for Leah and all brand new sippy cups (man, those are over-priced!). Now I hope I can keep this up every month!

~~I am still working out 4x a week! I feel great and I am finally starting to see a difference. I even got hit on at CVS!!! LOL. It was flattering, but a little creepy! I am getting better with what I am putting into my mouth, but I definitely need to work on not eating all that chocolate.

~~My MIL and FIL are coming on Friday for Leah's birthday party on Saturday, so it's going to be a busy week of cleaning! Speaking of Leah, I can't believe she is going to be ONE on the 26th! Her first year definitely went by way too fast. *sigh*

~~I think I have done enough rambling! I figured I would just throw all this into one post!

Hmmm. How about some new pictures of my babies?

Feb 14, 2009

Show and Tell Saturday - Favorite Shoes

I have been wanting to participate in Show and Tell Saturday (hosted by Homesteaders Heart) for about 2 weeks now, and now I finally get to do it! I have a hard time posting on the weekends, but I just love this meme, so I made it a point to get on today! LOL.

This week's theme is your favorite shoes! This one is actually hard for me! I love shoes! I went and counted.. I have 64 pairs! Of course it's mainly because of my obsession with flip-flops. I think 25 of them are flip-flops. But, anyways, I decided to just show my current favorite pair. The pair that I pretty much wear with anything. The pair that are seriously starting to get a little too worn in! Here's a before picture of them.

Hmm, think she has anything to do with my shoes being worn in too fast?!

Feb 13, 2009

Grilling Goodness

1. How long has your longest friendship been? Um, I met my first bestfriend in K5 and we were bestfriends up until we were 18. I got married and he went to college. I haven't spoken to him in about 3yrs. Even though it's been that long, I still consider him my friend. So, that friendship would be 17yrs long. Then my other longest friendship is with Arlene, and I've been bestfriends with her for, I think, now it's 12yrs!

2. What made you happy this week? Finally seeing a difference in my body after working out for over a month. No more elliptical for me! As soon as I started just running & walking on the treadmill I noticed a change.

3. Are you planning any kind of event right now? Nope, I'm not!

4. Do you wear your wedding ring? What is it made of? Only when I go out! :O I know! I just can't wear them around the house. They are made of gold!

5. Do you shave your legs in the winter? I shave my legs every day, no matter the season!

6. What time do your kids go to bed? Leah goes down anywhere between 830-10pm. And Kyle usually goes to bed between 10-11pm. Only because we are on Daddy's schedule!

7. Right this minute, is your laundry caught up? Almost. One load left!

8. Do you want flowers for Valentine's Day? Not necessarily ON Valentine's Day, flowers are over-priced then. But any other day is nice! We're not big Valentine's Day celebraters anyways.

Thanks to Tina for hosting Grilling Goodness!

Feb 10, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - He has a bed, I promise!

For more Wordless Wednesday shots, go to 5minutesformom!

Here fishy fishy

My husband took us fishing on Saturday! Add this to my list of first! My first time and Kyle's, too. We didn't catch any fish, but it was still fun. My husband knows me so well, he bought me a pink and purple fishing pole, haha! My two favorite colors. We went out again on Sunday after church, and we still didn't catch anything! I'm not so sure about this fishing thing anymore, but I so intrigued by it, that I want to keep going until I catch something. I want to experience the thrill of catching one of those suckers! For those of you who have caught a fish before, is the feeling really that great??? I wanna know!

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