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Aug 25, 2009


I understand that people have different parenting techniques. I understand that some parents choose to not spank, and some are big supporters of spankin's. But, what I don't understand is when a child does something wrong and the parent doesn't do anything about it!

I was at the gym today, and this little girl (probably a month or two older than Leah) colored on the wall. As her Mom was getting ready to leave, she noticed the marks. All she did was ask her daughter if she "uh-oh'd". HUH!? Do what!? The little girl nodded her head. She knew what she did, and she knew it wasn't okay. I think I was running with my mouth open when she said that and then carried on. I was kinda baffled by the fact that she didn't do anything. No talk about why we don't color on walls (especially not our own) or anything!

I really try to stay away from spanking my kids in public, thankfully we don't have to deal with that too often. But, when we do, you bet they get talked to (not in a sweet, pipey voice either) and if they don't cooperate, we go straight to the car to give them a you-know-what.

I know the little girl wasn't even two. But all I could think about was that if she lets her daughter get away with something so small like that, what about when she's older and she vandalizes someone's property with spray paint. Is she going to ask her daughter then if she "uh-oh'd"?!?

Aug 19, 2009


Yep, that's how I've been feelin' since Monday. It's official, we are moving to New Mexico. I was already prepared for that, but what I wasn't prepared for is that we are leaving in January. We were praying for June, but it didn't go through. So, we only have 5 months left here in Florida.

Leah's birthday is in February and Kyle's birthday is in April. This will be their first birthday's that they won't have any family around! Such is the life of a military child!

It is going to be so hard leaving our church and our friends here. I don't allow myself to think about it too much, because the tears will start coming and then they won't stop.

Phew! I know this is God's plan for our life, but it definitely isn't easy!

Aug 17, 2009


My mother and father-in-law came to visit us this past week. They came on Monday and left yesterday. The past week has been a blur! I have so much to catch up on.. laundry, dishes, and blogs, haha. I've missed reading my favorite blogs!!!

While they were here.. we went here.

And here.

And walked through this. (Got in free, too!)

And played some of this.
And played in this water. Okay, they said it's "refreshing".. yeah, right! It's FREEZING. Supposedly 68 degrees all year long.
Add in playing at our favorite kid splash pad and visiting a butterfly house, I think a good time was had by all!

Aug 6, 2009

is there any other way?

My goal is to have Kyle completely potty-trained by October 13th. Why October 13th? It's the day he turns 3 1/2yrs old. I really never thought that I would have a child in diapers for this long. There were a lot of things I thought I would never do.. but things change when you actually start having your OWN kids! Ha!

Anywho, Kyle pees just fine by himself. He goes all by himself. He's now even getting better at telling me when he has to go #2. I now know the whole poop issue is because he has a looong history of constipation problems. But, that's not the problem.

How do you get a child to not wet the bed in the middle of the night? Is it something they just learn by themselves? The past two nights I let Kyle sleep in just his underwear, no diaper. I had to set the alarm every 2-3hrs, get up, carry him to the bathroom, and get him to go pee. No accidents, but I don't want to be waking up every 3hrs every.single.night! Potty-training is HARD work.

I try not to give him anything to drink after 8pm, and I do make him use the bathroom before he goes to sleep. Am I missing something?

Aug 3, 2009

before and after - tray

Serving tray that I got for free.

Serving tray after some spray paint and wrapping paper.

Here's another before.

And the after.

Right now, the tray is sitting on top of our microwave holding a picture frame and a candle. I love it! I have a small obsession with black & white, black & silver combinations, and black toile!

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