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Apr 16, 2009

Birthday Boy

Kyle turned 3 years old on Monday. Yesterday I realized I didn't blog about it!! LOL. Bad Mommy!! I guess since we aren't celebrating his birthday until Saturday, it sort of slipped my mind. Yikes! We didn't tell him it was his birthday until the afternoon and then we asked him what he wanted to eat for dinner, of course his answer was pizza. We explained that he wouldn't be opening his presents or getting his cake until Saturday. Happy Birthday, Buddy!!

How did we go from him being this little, tiny baby..

to this big, handsome, non-stop talking boy!?!

Or his first Easter (well, technically his 2nd, since his first one he was only 3days old!).. his 3rd Easter!!!

I wish the time would slow down just a little. *sigh* I have a three year old now!


Alicia said...

Happy Birthday, Kyle!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a cutie!!!!

Mary said...

Look at him in his Mountain Home shirt. AWWWWW

Sherry said...

Awww! Happy birthday, Kyle! He definitely has grown!!

jenn said...

Such a cutie. Happy birthday to your little man.

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