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Apr 15, 2009

What's in your purse?

I try to clean out my purse often. But, I guess with two kids, it's just going to get nasty!
Here's my list, what's yours??
  • 3 notepads

  • a cough drop

  • a water bill

  • 9 coupons

  • 2 mints

  • 5 church bulletins

  • 2 letters from mypoints, that had giftcards enclosed

  • a lollipop

  • a pack of wipes

  • my wallet (not even gonna list what's in there!)

  • checkbook

  • 2 small picture album things

  • stamps

  • ugh, crumbs and broken crackers *shy face*

  • some black unknown object!

  • wrappers from a straw, cookies, lollipops, and coughdrop

  • a set of keys and a lock (Kyle loves keys)

  • a broken cell that is used as a toy for the kids, lol

  • a frequent haircut card

  • hand sanitizing wipes

  • small bottle of lotion

  • dayquil pills

  • a hair tie and clip

  • 13 receipts

  • my coach wristlet

  • a bouncy ball

  • 3 tampons

  • 2 perfume samples

  • a pengrocery lists on random pieces of paper

  • 2 comment cards for the base gym

  • 120 yen.. yeah, haven't been to Japan since Nov of 2006!!! Another thing Kyle loves.. coins!

  • lip gloss x2

  • lipstick

  • lip plumper, lol, like I need that!

  • chapstick still in the package

  • 4 grocery pamphlets w/ coupons

  • and a keychain my mom gave me back in November of last year.

Crazy! I'm almost embarrased to even show how filthy the inside of my purse was. I love BIG purses, but I know for a lot of people huge isn't their thing. I think my sister is my only friend who shares a passion of big bags with me! BTW, I got a great deal on that purse. I found a BIG name brand purse that I wanted... it was about $300. I told the husband about it, so we went shopping (not for that pricey one.. I personally can't justify spending that kind of money on a purse!). Well, we went into Nine West, and what do you know! I found that purse's twin! I think mine even looks better than the $300 one, hehe. I paid less than $30 for mine, and we even donated a few dollars to a charity! Score! =)

Here's a picture of my purse and my handsome model, LOL. He's gonna hate me for that one, huh??


Alicia said...

Oh my're just like me...I LOVE big purses!!!!!!!!!

Actually, I don't even have enough stuff in my purse so it looks so floppy!! LOL

You are brave for showing the contents, but I think that's so cool! I should do that too, but like five things would fall out. Give me a few months and it will have accumulated to much, much more!! LOL!

Oh..and love your bag!!

Mary said...

OMG! I can't even believe that you can fit all of that in there!! I carry a small compact purse but I really need to get a bigger one. But maybe not as big as yours! LOL

And btw yep Kyle is going to die of embarrassment when you show that to his first serious girlfriend! lol

jenn said...

I love big purses too. I recently cleaned mine out when I realized it weighed about ten pounds. It was crazy the junk I had in there.

Love the picture. But he is going to hate you for it in about ten years.

Arlene said...

hahaha, see that's why I keep the small purse! You and the old-lady-granny-beach-bag-purses! :P (although, I will grudgingly admit that your purse is very cute ;o) lol)

All I have in my purse is my wallet (checkbook fits inside), lip gloss, chapstick, nail file, pen, pencil, keys, cell phone. It all fits inside the diaper bag, too, so it's easy to switch back and forth! :o)

Arlene said...

oh, hey, you need to change your bf blinkie -- Leah's a year now! :o) Still wondering what you wanna do with that header pic, lol :~D

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