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May 18, 2009

Still alive!

I caught my husband checking my blog the other day. Before the page could even load, I told him there was nothing new and I hadn't blogged in a really, really long time. I seem to blog here and there and then stop for a really long time, and then do the same thing over again. I don't mean to, but life is just a bit crazy. When I started this blog, my hubby was on swing-shift (roughly 2:30pm-after midnight). So, I had a lot of time on my hands in the evenings. Now that he works a normal schedule (comes home for lunch AND usually gets home EARLY), blogging is a last priority. Having two kids under the age of three definitely keeps me busy!

Last Tuesday, I took Kyle in to see his Pediatrician. He has had issues with constipation for about 6 months and I was tired of him "pushing" all day without pooping. I was stressed, and I'm sure he was, too!! Kyle was prescribed citrate of magnesium (or something like that), and pooped (more like diarrhea'd) non-stop for 2 days straight!! He still has semi-runny diapers thanks to the Miralax he is on. We haven't figured out the perfect amount for him yet. Hopefully after Kyle is cleaned out, we can go back to toilet-training and be completely diaper free by October! October is when he will be 3 1/2 and I am so ready to be done with diapers! I have heard that girls are easier to potty-train! I am so praying that's true!!!

I wish I could tell you that I haven't blogged in a really long time because we've been on a super duper fancy vacation. But, that's not the case. I am just now getting over a cold that lasted almost 2wks!! Not a whole lot going on here, but I'm okay with that!

I do have something exciting to tell/show you. But, I need to get my digital camera back from our friends so I can show you the pictures! Nice teaser, huh? ;)
It's amazing to think that people from all over the world, come here, to where I live, to vacation!!! When we're out on our friends boat, we see dolphins all the time! I can watch them all day long! This is my life!!


Arlene said...

I sincerely hope, for your sake, that you have already shared this news with your best friend already!!! How can you torture us (which really means ME) with this non-information, woman?!

That last pic is my favorite :o)

Anyway, I know what you mean about life kinda taking priority over the written word, lol. Don't apologize for it, girlie -- we all understand :o)

Alicia said...

Hi Laura!! Totally understand!!! It's hard to blog while the hubby is home! I know all too well..LOL!!

Love the pix of the dolphins!!

Besides..I can still keep up w/ you through FB! LOL

The Nelson's said...

I love the dolphin pics!

jenn said...

When things get busy, it's hard to find time to blog. I understand.

As far as potty training, Shiloh was completely trained (except she wears pullups to bed) by age two. So it's probably true that girls are easier to train.

Sherry said...

Love the pics!
It is hard to do when hubby is home. I try to stay off of here when he is home unless he is on. LOL!

Terri said...

Great pictures!!! I love dolphins!!! Thanks for visiting my blog! I love Publix also!!!!

Daphine said...

Great pictures!

Glad to see you're still alive! Not to worry though...I totally understand! I am just not able to blog near as much as I used to. We have to keep our priorities straight and like you blogging has taken a backseat. I only allow myself a certain amount of time on the computer each day. It gets way out of control if you don't monitor your time with blogging.

OKay...enough said.....

Glad to hear from you though!

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