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Feb 24, 2010

mom guilt

It didn't take me long to see that Kyle was missing out on something.
It didn't take me long to see that I was the different Mom.
It didn't take me long to see that I was the only Mom who didn't have their kid in preschool.

Is it even called preschool if they are only 3yrs old??

We have been here for right about a month now. And it seems like every one who has a kid who is 3yrs old is already going to school. I keep getting asked if Kyle goes to school. I actually have started to feel a little, tiny, tiny bit guilty saying "no, he doesn't, he stays home with me".

I've started worrying that he's going to feel left out when he does start school. Or that he'll be behind because he was home with his Mama instead of being with an more educated person.


I know there's no right or wrong in this situation.
It's just a parent's choice.
But, why do I feel a little bit of guilt?
He's only a little boy for such a short time, right?
He has the rest of his life to go to school.

For now, I think he's okay staying home with me, even if the guilt does come and go.

No regrets.

Plus, if he went to school, I would never have these million and one adorable pictures of my handsome little man!


Alicia said...

Oh my gosh, Laura. Don't even feel guilty at all!! The world thinks that kids have to be in school early, when in reality, they can learn just as much, if not more, at home. You are his best teacher, and you can nurture him more than any "certified" teacher can. He's so young. It would be different if you had no choice and had to put him in preschool. So many women want that "break" too, so it can also be for selfish reasons. Can you tell that this irks me? LOL. Just go by what feels right for your family. There are so many things he can be involved in if you're worried about him not being around other kids. You can be involved in MOPS. So much, girl!!

Sherry said...

Do not feel guilty! THink of all the moments that you would be missing if he goes to preschool. You are doing the right thing! :D

Mary said...

I agree. Don't feel guilty. You are teaching him life lessons. Besides, there's always half days when he's 4 or 5. Or you could just say, no he's being home schooled :) B/c I'm sure you're teaching him everything he would be learning in preschool anyways. I would jump at the chance to be at home for forever with Desmond if I could.

The Gabes said...

Definitely don't feel guilty!!! Enjoy the time you have with him before he actually has to go to school. Kindergarten will come soon enough...

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