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Mar 30, 2010


I finally made some curtains for our living room.
Well, we have two big windows.. and I only did one, so I guess I'm half-way there.
I almost don't want to do the other side.
I'm scared it'll start to look small and cramped in there.
But, it looks weird since only one window has curtains! Decisions! LOL

Here's how I made them!

plus.. this..
and some of this..

Equals my curtains!!!

The only thing that drives me a little crazy is that the wrinkles will not come out! I was able to smooth it out.. but I'm sure you could see some of the wrinkles in these pictures. I ironed for hours and finally just had to give up. I have a wonderful sewing machine, but I'm so scared to use it! So I didn't sew one thing on these curtains. Easy peasy AND cheap! ((the drop cloths were $9.70ea or something like that .. the fabric was $4.12 and the hemming tape was just a couple of dollars)). My kind of decorating!

**I think I'll be changing the lampshades out... that's the only white thing in this room. **

** I didn't take a picture of the actual drop cloth and iron-on tape packaging that I bought.. I just googled some images. I think my size drop cloth was different. **

** if you google (use!! sign up at the bottom! ;)) drop cloth.. you will actually find a lot of projects like mine! they are quite popular! **

**ignore the length on the left side.. that one turned out to be a little bit longer! lol.. I'm done with the notes now! **


Arlene said...

They look good (and I promise I didn't notice wrinkles!)! I did almost the exact same thing with our living room curtains. A friend gave me some curtains she was getting rid of, but they were too short for our living room, so I bought one panel of a chocolate brown curtain (there wasn't ANY nice looking brown fabric in any of the stores around here), ripped them to the right size and super-glued 'em to the bottom of my curtains. Easy-peasy! :o)

Oh, I've heard of "staining" fabrics (like your lampshades) with tea or other things... maybe you could try that before you buy new lampshades. :o)

Alicia said...

Wow, that is really good!!! I'm totally impressed!

Arlene said...

Wow... talk about baby brain. I totally MEANT to say HOT GLUE! I don't even know how I could confuse that with super glue, LOL!

jenn said...

Wow. They look really good. I wish I could sew... sort of... I don't really have time right now. haha.

Sherry said...

Wow! you go girl! :D Looks great!

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