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Mar 2, 2010

spring wreath

The other day I was just itchin' to make a wreath. I wanted something bright and fun!

After a trip to the dollar store, some cutting and lots and lots of hot glueing, here's the end result.

One question! Should I add a bow to the top center or not? I think I kinda like it as it. But, feel free to tell me your opinion! The best part is that it cost me about $4 to make.

Circle cardboard cut out - Free
3 bags of plastic eggs - $3.00 (still have a few leftover)
1 bag of shredded green paper - $1

I originally wanted some of the easter grass. But my dollar tree didn't have it, so I used the shredded paper, which is all they had.

I looooove it! Now the only thing that bothers me, is that if centered it hides my peep hole. I use that hole every.single.time someone comes to the door, so it has to be off-centered. Oh, well! My family's safety is more important than a wreath being centered, right?! =)


Arlene said...

I think I need to see a picture with a bow to decide if I'd like it or not, lol. It would be nice to hide the hanger with a bow... hmm... yeah, still not sure, though.

I think it's cute -- for Leah's bday next year, you should make a bunch, because it kinda looks like a ring of balloons! (or maybe for Kyle's bday this year, since it's spring/Easter)

Sherry said...

Love it, Laura! I would also have to see a pic with, but I love it without now, too. :D

Alicia said...

Oh my gosh, I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's so pretty!!!! I say no

Jessica said...

WOW! I love this. Maybe I can get my front door to look like yours soon!

Abbi said...

THat is very fun and cute!

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