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Nov 18, 2008

Input wanted!

I can't decide which one of these necklaces I want as a birthday gift from my hubby (although, I guess it's a present from myself since he insists that this isn't enough!). I love, love, LOVE both of them!! So, please, please, please tell me in the comments section which one YOU think I should get. Oh! And you don't have to have an account to leave a comment ;) I don't care if you put your real name, a made up name, or put anonymous - I just can't make a decision. So, help a girl out, will ya? Purty-please? :)
This one would say "Kyle & Leah"
And this one would say "True Love" and "06.04.05"


valerie said...

i love the one that would say kyle and leah,if it was mine! i think it is really nice and it would be perfect for you ! love you ! valerie

Tiffany said...

i like the true love one. the other one looks big. and for me, i don't like big. so i would choose the true love one!

Anonymous said...

If there anyway you can have both meaning can you make it all one necklace with hearts and pearls in between of reading from left to right because that is how you read. Or maybe you can get a bracelet to put your babies on; I still would make it smaller if there is a baby shoe design or something like that. Take care and God Bless; let the Lord lead you

Sherry said...

I like the 2nd one for the same reason, but I can't really tell how big the first one is.

Have a great day!:D

Jenny said...

Hey girl. They are both cute honestly!

Have you looked at my pastor's daughters site on my blog. Its this one:

She makes beautiful vintage jewelry and could make you something beautiful too!

Arlene said...

I think I agree with others' reasoning; the first one looks just a little too big (for my taste, at least). It would work for some occasions, but probably couldn't be an everyday wear item. So, I think you'd get more wear out of the second one. :o) That's my whole practical side comin' out, lol!

Let us know which one you get! :~)

Mary said...

I love the first one. I think it's very sweet.

Sandra said...

I love them both but my favorite is the #2.

Arlene said...

Hey, yeah it's been pretty cold around here... in the forties during the day, and a lot colder during the night!

Thankfully, Nathan surprised me with a remote car starter, so we can have the car all warmed up without having the go out into the cold! Woo-hoo! :o)

No, I didn't know it was snowing in Misawa already... hey, did you know that Pastor and Mrs. M are leaving and going to Okinawa???!!!

Maaaaaaaaaaaarie said...

I say "true love" one......fits you will look "hott" in both anyways :-)

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