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Nov 5, 2008


Brandon posted this in a bulletin on MySpace, I thought it was great so I wanted to share it here.

Since the Democrats are taking over the White House and Congress the military probably wont get a raise for the next 8 years or more. Inflation will continue to go up, but we will get next to nothing for an annual raise. So I will be standing next to some of my military buddies in the welfare line in the next few years. Dont get me wrong, I think its great that America was able to elect an African American as President, but to me it has always been about the issues. If it would have been a conservative republican African American I would have gladly cast my vote for him. I am just curious to see how many of the Obama Movement hopes and dreams will actually come true. Maybe the redistribution of wealth will work out for me, but I sure would be ticked off if I worked hard my whole life to become wealthy only to find out that this wanna be Robin Hood character is going to take my money and give it to the poor. Call me crazy, but I am still hoping that some day we can ban abortion all together and that is never going to happen under a Democratic Washington. There are more reasons why I didnt want Obama to be our next President, but this ranting has gone on long enough.


Arlene said...
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Anonymous said...

Dear Arlene, I sure didnt know that he was arabic. Probably because he isnt. His mother is from the U.S. and his father is from Kenya. I am pretty sure Kenya is in Africa. His step father on the other hand was from Indonesia. He step father was also a radical Muslim. Obama even spent some of his childhood in Indonesia attending Muslim and Catholic schools. Oh, he was also born in Honolulu, Hawaii. Did you know all that? It sure is fun to give you a hard time. Your Bestest Friend, Brandon

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