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Dec 3, 2008

Ah, Poop!

We've been potty-training Kyle for a really, really, really long time. He goes pee in the toilet just fine. Goes by himself with no help from us, too. But when it comes to poop.. nope, not happening. He will not do it. I think he's actually gone #2 in the toilet like all of two times. I have no idea how to get him to poop in the toilet. He tells me when he's pushing and tells me when he's done. But when I try to sit him on the toilet and let him push he tells me "done" or "poop gone". Ahhhhhh!

Tonight, I tried sitting him on the toilet again. I sat next to him on the floor and encouraged him to push. But, of course, he wouldn't do it. I tried everything!! I bribed, I begged, and whoops, I even threatened after numerous pointless trips to the bathroom. I made him walk around the house in no underwear or pants to see if that would help. Nope. He came to me with a diaper in his hand and said "poop in diaper". Isn't it bad that he can tell me that he wants to poop in his diaper!? So, I had an idea. I put the diaper on him, sat him on the toilet (diaper still on) and told him to go poo-poo. AS SOON AS I SAT HIM ON THE TOILET, HE STARTED PUSHING!!!!!! Huh!? Seriously! He told me to "go away" and "close the door", so I started walking away and before I closed the door, I looked at him to see if he was really going to do his business on the toilet. Yep, definitely pushing! Not even a minute later he comes walking out and tells me he pooped... in his diaper.


I need some advice! What on earth do I do next? Just keep letting him poop in a diaper on the toilet? Will he eventually get used to it and not need the diaper anymore? Am I missing something? All the presents and candy in the world isn't good enough for my kid. This potty-training thing is exhausting. I am already praying that Leah will be easier with this poopy business!


Sandra said...

How old is he?

I know with Nicholas I had the same problem when I tried potty training him before 3 years old, he just wasn't going and the more I pushed the more he dug his heels in.

Eventually I just stopped pushing and let it go and when he was ready he came to me and said he was ready for big boy underwear and that was it. I also took him shopping and let him pick his own big boy underwear to involve him in the process.

I know it's frustrating, but hang in there, he'll get it right :)

Girls are MUCH easier than boys too....Jasmine was potty trained at 2 1/2 years old and it only took 2 weeks and that was it.

One thing I did with both was put them on the toilet every hour, on the hour, it was hard at first trying to stick to this but it did help a lot.

Sherry said...

It is a control issue with poop. They feel like they are losing part of them. I had issues with one of mine. Keep it up and it will work out! :D

Arlene said...

Um, you have to do everything first and then tell me how you did it -- that's the deal, remember? :P

Everything I've ever heard though, is that this won't last forever... maybe just long enough for you to get (more) gray hairs! You can do it!!! *hugs*

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