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Dec 22, 2008


That's our Christmas tree this year! For the past 3yrs we have done a red and silver tree. I like things to match. I like to be organized. So, I just can't put up random ornaments and a ton of stuff. It all has to go together. I know some people who can have colored lights, different ornaments, tinsel, and you know -the works.. and have it look really nice. Just not my thing (it's okay, if it's yours though!!) This year I convinced my hubby to let me do a BLUE and silver tree;it only took 2 years of begging!! I bought the blue ornaments on clearance after Christmas last year, but even then my hubby said no. I really thought I was gonna lose the battle, because I give in to every thing. I just couldn't give in this year!! I'm glad I was persistent, because I think it looks just lovely. Even though Brandon says blue isn't a Christmas color, I think deep down he likes it, too! LOL
((ignore the star on our tree.. it went out a few days after we put it up!))


Alicia said...

I love it! It looks so pretty!! I know..this year, we told the kids that we're only using red & silver ornaments! LOL.

Daphine said...

Your tree is beautiful. I don't care for multi-colored lights either...AT ALL! We've had silver and blue decorations before too! I think it's a a great combination!

Happy Monday to ya!

Arlene said...

It turned out great! And, guess what? This year, our church is decorated in blue and silver/white and it looks so elegant -- that's what everyone has commented, at least -- so blue can too be a Christmas color, lol! :o)

I don't like colored lights and a bunch of mismatchy stuff, either... thankfully, Nathan doesn't mind too much if I decorate things a little differently :o)

Sherry said...

It is beautiful, Laura! :D

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