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Mar 5, 2009

a bittersweet time

Now that Leah has turned a year old, I decided to try to start weaning her.

I have loved (almost) every minute of breastfeeding. I only BF Kyle for 2 months, so to go this long with Leah feels great. It doesn't bother me too much to go longer than a year, but I most likely wouldn't go longer than 18 months. My husband, on the other hand, wants me to finish pretty much now.

I decided I would start after she turned a year old. She's one now and we're down to 2-3 feedings a day. We started a week ago and she has been fine with just those 2 feedings. I know I will miss nursing her when we are done.. probably a lot more because I know she is our last baby! :(

A good thing about weaning her, is that she is a lot less dependent on me to go to sleep. I have probably only ever rocked her to sleep (before now) a handful of times. Last night, she let me rock her for awhile without fussing and lay her down. She went right to sleep! I was very, very shocked. She's ALWAYS had to nurse, fall asleep while eating, and then I would lay her down. Then, this afternoon, I sensed she was tired so I started rocking her. Within 5 mins, she was out! Just looking at her sleeping peacefully in my arms made me want to cry!!

*sigh* Why, oh, why do they have to grow up so stinkin' fast!?


Alicia said...

I know, Laura..they do!!!!!!! Before you know it, you'll be having conversations with her!! :)

R and R Stacy said...

Aw, they sure do grow up fast.
I thought my youngest would NEVER give up nursing. Finally at 18 months I decided it was time to stop. I was basically a human pacifer. lol *sigh* I sure miss it now. She's 2, fun, but a handful.
Good luck with that. Seems like she's already showingshe can fall asleep on her own.

P.S. I BF my 2nd for 16 months thinking he was my last and then....5 yrs later came our 3rd. YIKES!!! It was truly a blessing from God!

jenn said...

It is bittersweet. They grow too fast.

Sherry said...

They definitely grow up too quick! Treasure the time!

Courtney said...

it certainly is bittersweet. best of luck with the weaning. My son was fine with being weaned. I had the harder time!!!

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