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Mar 11, 2009

Keepin' it real - part 2

I caught a nasty cold on Thursday and today the cold is 100% gone. But, now Kyle and Leah seem to be a little sick. *sigh*

Remember when I said my husband had his test date pushed up because he was going TDY (a business trip) to another country? Well, he applied for an office job as a security manager and he might be getting it.. sooooooooo, they took him off of the TDY. He really wants to switch, so if you all could say a prayer, we'd appreciate it a lot! If he doesn't get the spot, he's going to be bummed. Not only because he doesn't get to leave the CV-22, but also because he lost the opportunity to go a military paid vacation, haha. Okay, so it's not always a vacation, but we do get paid extra!

Whenever Leah wakes from her nap, I am heading to the gym! I will step on the scale and check my weight. It will be the first time I have checked in over 2wks. Last time it said I gained 2lbs. You can see why it's been that long! ;)

I've got nothing else for ya! How about another 'keepin it real' post? I should make that a weekly meme or something, haha!

Man, oh-man, oh-man! I am quite embarrased to show these pictures, but I like to keep things real around here. haha. Here's a before and after picture of my sink. No matter how much I scrubbed those sinks, there was still a nasty yellow stain on the bottom. I thought I was doomed and it was permanent. I didn't think to use bleach! duh! So, I put a little bleach in the sink, let it sit, and wow, don't I feel dumb!! =)


Alicia said...

I was wondering where you have been!! Now I know!!

You'll have to keep us posted on the job!!!

Awesome on the sink! My husband always tells me to use bleach!!!! LOL

jenn said...

Shiloh and I have been passing a cold back and forth too. Hope everyone feels better soon.

Saying a prayer about the job right now.

Sherry said...

Ugh! Sorry to hear you've been under the weather. :(

Praying for the job.

Mary said...

Leave CV-22? Does that mean leave Florida?? :(

CLR is good for that rust stuff too. I hate using bleach though b/c it stinks so bad. lol

Carebear said...

Wow! What a difference the bleach made! Hope your hubby gets his job! I actually just came by to tell you that the randomly-selected winner of the Cheesecake Factory gift certificate is Joy from Joy to the Blog. Thanks so much for entering my giveaway, and for becoming a follower! I hope you enjoy my blog! I try to visit at least 2 of my followers daily to spread comment love so I’ll be seeing you soon!

P.S. Come visit for my best giveaway ever from March 23rd-26th!

Daphine said...

Hey lady!
I was stopping by to say hello and realized that my comment to this particular post never posted. I'm sorry!

ANyhow...."hello" and let us know how the job situation turned out when you have a chance.

Have a great week ahead!

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