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Jul 16, 2009

creative mood strikes

Recently, I have been reading way too many craft/decorating blogs!!! I've been in a mood to do something...anything creative. This afternoon I found this old picture frame. The back part of it wasn't even there.. just the frame and the glass. I set the frame aside because I knew I could do something to it. Well, I just happened to be bored this evening and had an idea!

What'cha think?? Me? I really, really like it. =)

All I did was add two magnetic strips to the back of the frame, glue on some scrapbook paper and add a scrapbook embellishment (blessing) to the paper! Ta-da~! Super cheap, super fun, and super cute!

1.)Please ignore the rest of the stuff on my fridge. Right now it's super messy and needs to be cleaned off.
2.)I took the pictures a little off on purpose. On top of our freezer it says "Mr. and Mrs. Last Name". I'm not too comfortable (yet) sharing our last name, so I cut it off.
3.)That's Kyle's ultrasound picture. My sister bought us the picture frame.. isn't it cute?!
4.)That recipe on the freezer? It's yummy. I just found it not too long ago and I've already made it twice. It's one of those recipes you cook when you are STARVING (super fast to cook up), but are too BROKE to eat out, LOL.


Alicia said... crafty of you! I think that looks great!!!!!

The Nelson's said...

Very cute!

Muthering Heights and Other Senseless Sensibility said...

That looks adorable!

The Gabes said...

I love it! I think I might copy that idea. I also love the Mr and Mrs~where did you get that? Did you make that too?

The Gabes said...

Oh, and what crafting blogs have you been reading? I'd love to read some too!

Arlene said...

Oh my goodness, Lau, I LOVE IT!!!! *ahem* Maybe another one like that will make it's way into my Christmas present...? ;o) Just a thought.

I don't share our last name, either (I'm sure you noticed that) and crop/edit them out when needed, so you're not alone! :o)

Arlene said...

Oh yeah, and where did you get your little flower magnets? I need to get some more magnets for our fridge, but I want cute ones like those! :o)

Sherry said...

I like it!! :D

Daphine said...

Well, look at you! I think ya did a great job on it! I am totally lovin' it!!!!

ms said...

i love the idea! i have re-used some of my old frames too by painting over the original design, adding some sequins and beads etc, even some fabric one time. but the fridge magnet idea is the best!

Anonymous said...

Great idea! Now I know what I can do with a couple of frames sitting in a box being useless :)

Hi Laura, I just accidentally stumbled on your blog...clicking 'next' at the top of the blogger scroll's great! You have a beautiful family :)

God Bless!

jenn said...

Very cute. You're so crafty!

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