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Jan 4, 2010

smooth talker

The other night we were invited to our friend/neighbor's house for dinner and games. About an hour before we had to be there, Kyle started begging us to go just then. I told him that I just had to put some makeup on and then we could leave. He paused for a second and replied with "Mommy, you don't need makeup, you're already pretty!". Oh my goodness, doesn't that just melt your heart!? He has been FULL of compliments recently. After dinner, he'll tell me "Mommy, you make really good food" or "you did a good job, Mommy". I could really get used to this! ;)


Arlene said...

Hahaha, too cute! Of course, this could backfire eventually and go the other way for you... hope it won't happen too soon, though, lol!

Kristin said...

How sweet! Lily told me one day I looked like a boy with lipstick on, when I had my hair up in a towel after my shower. LOL!

Alicia said...

His wife is going to be a blessed woman!!!

Sherry said...

Awww! He is too sweet! :D

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