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Jan 4, 2009

Christmas Eve

We don't have a lot of traditions in our little family. But one that we do have is every Christmas Eve we go drive around neighborhoods and look at all the lights and decorations. We enjoy it a lot. We started this tradition on our 2nd Christmas as a married couple. That year my brother tagged along with us since he was visiting. Last year, Arlene's brother, Kennedy, came with us since he was staying at our place while on Christmas break. And now this year, our bestfriends (who are like family) came along!
There was one house that was just unbelievable. The couple told us they have 87,279 lights all together! Can you believe that? They allow people to walk through their front and back yard to check out all the decorations. It really is amazing. They start putting up lights in September/October just to have it done in time for the Christmas season! Check out these pictures. Wouldn't you love to be their neighbor and have to compete with that!? :P

only in Florida would you see this

only in Florida would you be wearing short sleeves on Christmas Eve

our bestfriends Rebekah & Matt

panoramic view of the backyard

** I am a total slacker.. can't believe I'm posting about our Christmas Eve in January! **


Alicia said...

Oh my gosh..that is AMAZING!!! I would love to see that, and so would my kids!! That is ALOT of work! It's tiring just putting lights on a tree..LOL! I love the Santa lounging on the chair!!

Wouldn't it be neat to see them take the lights down? LOL

Daphine said...

Oh goodness! This is amazingly beautiful! WOW! I'm glad that you went ahead and posted it. I enjoyed looking at it.

I sure wouldn't want to be a part of taking the lights down. lol!

Sherry said...

I love looking at CHRISTmas lights. We went a week before Amie moved with the ladies from church on our church bus and had a blast. :D

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