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Jan 26, 2009

She wants to be fit, too!

It has been almost 2 weeks since I have started working out again. How am I doing? Great! This week I am bumping my exercise routine up to 4x a week! Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays! I am addicted!!
In addition to working out, I am trying (key word = trying) to eat better.. but it's so hard! I am a huge desserts/sweets girl. I'm also a huge baker and it's killing me not to bake any goodies. I could just bake something and send it off with the husband to work ----- but I know I won't be able to resist any fresh, warm cookies straight from the oven. I'm not that strong yet, haha.
You know, I thought I drank a lot of water, because that's pretty much all I like to drink. But once I started actually counting how many fluid ounces I was drinking.. yeah, not even close to what is recommened!! So, I have been working on that.

How is everyone else doing with their diets and exercise routines? Hopefully well! Let's keep on motivating each other, k? =)
--Sorry the pictures are so large, but I am too lazy to go back and re-upload them to a smaller size. I guess it's a good thing Leah is just so stinkin' cute, right? hehe--


roanne said...

Woohoo! Go, Laura!!

Oh, and as far as baking all the sweet stuff...Maybe you could change it up by making healthier stuff like a fruit salad?

Alicia said...

Oh my gosh, we totall started the same time! Today is exactly two weeks since I started my "diet" and walking!! I'm doing good too! I feel so much better. Especially the water part. LOL, I have a partial post on that tomorrow!! LOL

You're doing so good!!!! My weakness would be fresh baked cookies from the oven too!

Daphine said...

You're doing great friend! I wish that I could follow your lead. I really do need to get serious about an exercise routine. Hmmmm...keep posting about it so it' continue to make me feel GUILTY!

That Leah is such a CUTIE!

Sherry said...

Great job, Laura! :D I just started getting back into exercising but still having some pain. I'm enduring though. LOL!

Leah looks like she is having a blast!

Mari:) said...

u go proud of you. its funny how the spare room we have those exercise machines there and we haven't touched it yet.LOL i need to get started asap!!!!! cuz i have a feeling you will reach your "goal" if you keep your routine up. u know what i mean!!!!!! LOL anyway i love the pictures shes too dang cute!!!!!!

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