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Jan 11, 2009

An Interview!

Alicia over at More than Words gave me these questions to answer. And ya'll know how much I loooooove doing/reading question thingymabobs. Such a cute little idea!

1. Did you know you wanted to marry your spouse when you first met him? Hehe, nope! His friends were actually trying to hook him up with my bestfriend! So, yeah, no!!

2. Have you ever traveled to another country? I was born and raised in Japan. Moved to the United States almost three years ago. I went on a two day cruise to Nova Scotia when I was about 13yrs old. And in August of 2007, my hubby and I went on a cruise to the Grand Cayman Islands and Jamaica (it was for our friend's wedding). So, I've been to a few countries, but there a lot more I would like to visit.

3. Can you speak another language? I am half Japanese, but I can only speak a little Japanese. I understand pretty much all of it though! Oh, I took a year of Spanish in highschool, but the only thing I remember are the Bible verses we had to memorize.

4. Did you grow up in a Christian home? Kinda. My Mom went to church with us for a majority of my childhood, but for some reason just stopped as we got to be teenagers. But, my brother and I kept on attending church services. We even went to a Christian private school that our church in Japan had.

5. Do you keep in touch with any friends from high school? Yes, pretty much all of them actually! I guess it's not that big of a shocker since I only just graduated a few years ago, haha. Oh, and our school was SMALL, so it's easy to stay in touch.

I had so much fun doing this! If any of you would like your own questions to answer, let me know and I'll try to think of some good ones. But, be warned, I am super nosey!!! :~)


April said...

Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. I like the questions and answers! I feel like I got to know you a little even though it was my very first time here!

Alicia said...

Hi!! I totally loved reading your answers!! It makes you feel like you get to know someone a little bit more! I like answering questions too!

I was going to ask you before if you were part Asian! Well, you answered my OH..and about the Karaoke thing....YES..alot of Filipino's love that!!!!!!!!! Hahaha!!

Arlene said...

Well, I would say you could think up questions for me... but I'm pretty sure you know everything there is to know about me, LOL! :P

P.S. thanks for checking in on me today :o) I think your phone hates me, though, because I swear it only hangs up on ME! :o)

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