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Jan 20, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday

Our closet next to the front door was a disaster! It needed to be cleaned out and organized. This closet held mainly my hubby's work gear, so I was a little apprehensive to touch anything! I guess that's what took me so long to get in there and clean it up. But, I did it!

Here are the before pictures.

Half-way point!

All done! I even arranged our jackets.. mine and Leah's are on the left side, and Brandon and Kyle's are on the right. I took a photo with and without my exercise ball. I have nowhere else to store that thing, so it has to go in there. But, the ball just makes the closet appear messy. *sigh*

If you'd like to participate in Tackle it Tuesday or just want to browse, head on over to 5minutesformom!


Alicia said...

Oh my gosh..great job!!!

I can tell you right now that my jacket closet is way worst! I need to seriously do a tackle on that! Next week!!

Jeanette "Frogster" said...

nice job. of course I didn't think it looked too bad in the before photo. and at least you have an exerecise ball... :)

Daphine said...

You definitely inspired me to tackle ONE of my closets!

Great job!

Sandra said...

Wow you did a great job, look at all the room in there.

heidi said...

Great job!!! The coat closet/entry way is such a pain to keep clean, isn't it? I hate that.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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