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Aug 25, 2009


I understand that people have different parenting techniques. I understand that some parents choose to not spank, and some are big supporters of spankin's. But, what I don't understand is when a child does something wrong and the parent doesn't do anything about it!

I was at the gym today, and this little girl (probably a month or two older than Leah) colored on the wall. As her Mom was getting ready to leave, she noticed the marks. All she did was ask her daughter if she "uh-oh'd". HUH!? Do what!? The little girl nodded her head. She knew what she did, and she knew it wasn't okay. I think I was running with my mouth open when she said that and then carried on. I was kinda baffled by the fact that she didn't do anything. No talk about why we don't color on walls (especially not our own) or anything!

I really try to stay away from spanking my kids in public, thankfully we don't have to deal with that too often. But, when we do, you bet they get talked to (not in a sweet, pipey voice either) and if they don't cooperate, we go straight to the car to give them a you-know-what.

I know the little girl wasn't even two. But all I could think about was that if she lets her daughter get away with something so small like that, what about when she's older and she vandalizes someone's property with spray paint. Is she going to ask her daughter then if she "uh-oh'd"?!?


Alicia said...

I trip out on some parents too!! Like, don't you see what your child is doing?????? Makes you wonder, huh???

Sherry said...

Oh, my! I definitely would have dropped my jaw on the floor. LOL!

Kristin said...

It definitely does make a difference when they're older! My daughter has a few friends whose parents let do whatever they want, and those kind of kids end up getting made fun of at school because they can't control themselves or they just simply don't know what is acceptable and what's not. It really is a detriment to a child not to discipline them. And what's sad is their parents don't understand why they don't get invited over to their friend's's because they are like wild animals and don't know how to behave! It truly is unbelievable!

Arlene said...

I don't understand parents who let their children get away with things like that, either. I love your last line, lol -- good point!

I totally get that parenting is hard, and that discipline in public is a difficult thing to address, as well, but really? Just doing nothing DOES NOT WORK!

There is a kid in our church and his parents have *just sat there* when he was hitting them, smacking them, and kicking and screaming. At the very least, they could have picked him up and taken him to the car even if they didn't spank him or yell at him; it would have looked like they were doing SOMETHING, rather than just taking a beating from him.

Courtney Baker said...

That is shocking. However I guess I shouldn't be. I don't have kids and I try so hard not to judge parent's behavior for the obvious reasons that I just haven't been there. However, it just seems like you are setting your child and yourself up for failure when you totally disregarding these kinds of teaching moments! I'm with you!

jenn said...

That would have shocked me too. I can't believe she didn't do anything about it. I probably wouldn't have spanked Shiloh for that (although personally I believe there are times to spank), but she would have been scolded and, if she knew she wasn't supposed to do that, she would have been punished somehow. Some parents don't seem to care anymore.

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