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Sep 1, 2009

update on potty-training

If I didn't have a blog, I probably would still be getting up every few hours each night, to take my son to the bathroom! I took your advice and stopped getting up in the middle of the night, and to limit drinks after 7pm. I'm happy to say that Kyle has only wet the bed 3 or 4 times, since we started!! It's such a wonderful feeling to have him completely out of diapers! One down, one more to go! :)

Speaking of Leah, she has shown a lot of interesting the toilet. She likes to go in there and try to pee, but never really does. I think she's obsessed with the idea of being like her big brother. I put her in one of Kyle's underwear yesterday, but she had an accident and didn't even seem to care that she was wet. So, I will wait on letting her be without her diapers, but still take her to the toilet every once in awhile.

I just wanted to come here and say a big THANK YOU for your potty-training advice!! You guys rock! =)


Jenny said...

woohoo! Cutting the drinks out is always a good thing! GO YOU! Less money on diapers!

Alicia said...

Alright!!!! Doesn't it feel soooo good?????? LOL!!!

Sherry said...

Woohoo! Praise God!

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