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Dec 2, 2009

kids are so funny

A recent conversation Kyle and I had on our way to church

"Mommy, are my teachers going to miss me when we move to Mexico?"
"Yes, Baby, they'll miss you a lot"


"Mommy, is there a WalMart at Mexico?"
"Yes, Kyle, they have a WalMart in NEW Mexico"
"YES!!!!!!! Woooohoooo! Me love WalMart! Me so excited!"

*driving past the boat dealership*

"Mommy, me like that boat! Me want it."
"Sorry, Kyle, New Mexico doesn't have beaches"

*quite shocked* "What!? Aw, man! Mexico don't have beaches!?!?"

"Nope, New Mexico is just a desert, Baby"
"Mommy! Are there be cowboys there?!"
*me laughing and quite surprised he knew that cowboys live in deserts, told him "maybe"*

"Mommy, are those cowboys gonna ride horsies??"

That (almost four years old) boy of mine keeps me laughing!


Sherry said...

LOL! Too cute! :D

jenn said...

So cute. I love the conversations with kids.

Arlene said...

Too funny! And I love the little pic at the end of the post :o)

P.S. Hey, your blinkies aren't showing; you need to sign in to photobucket again soon, I think.

Alicia said...

Aw! He's so smart, Laura!!!!

How's it going, my friend??? Your move is coming up quick!

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