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Feb 10, 2009

Here fishy fishy

My husband took us fishing on Saturday! Add this to my list of first! My first time and Kyle's, too. We didn't catch any fish, but it was still fun. My husband knows me so well, he bought me a pink and purple fishing pole, haha! My two favorite colors. We went out again on Sunday after church, and we still didn't catch anything! I'm not so sure about this fishing thing anymore, but I so intrigued by it, that I want to keep going until I catch something. I want to experience the thrill of catching one of those suckers! For those of you who have caught a fish before, is the feeling really that great??? I wanna know!


Daphine said...

YES, it is a great feeling! Believe it or not...this girl used to fish alllllllllll the time! It's been about 25 years ago though! lol! However, I remember it like it was yesterday.

Keep at it until you catch one. I wanna see a picture of it too!

Arlene said...

Obviously, I've never caught anything... I did used to go crabbing and that was fun, so maybe catching a fish is even more so?

Your hair's getting pretty long :o)

Alicia said...

Hey Laura! I've never been fishing, but I know people who have! They love it!

Those are great pictures! My husband would be super paranoid w/ our kids sitting on the dock like that! LOL

Mary said...

HAHA Yeah it's not so much fun. Or maybe it's because I grew up doing this sorta thing. However, I think you might like fly fishing. My ex boyfriend and I used to it all the time. A little more work involved.

And I agree with Alrene, your hair is so pretty!!!

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