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Feb 25, 2009

Kmart Deal

If you have a stash of coupons and you have a Kmart near you, don't walk, RUN there! My friend Rebekah and I decided to go take advantage of their double coupon days - and we scored! Here's a picture of every thing I bought. My total with tax was $37.43. How much did I save? $76.85!!

Here's a detailed list of what I got and how much I paid for it.

L'oreal Eyeshadow - free

Suave body wash -2.97 for 3

Revlon eyelash curler - 1.79

Colgate Kid's toothpaste - 1.50 (needed this!!)

Crest toothpaste - all 4 for free

Secret Deodorant - .58 for 2

Gillette shampoo - 1.00 for 2

Always pads - free

Dove shampoo - .49

Dayquil - 1.29

Carefree pads - free

Dawn soap - .99

Dawn soap - .99

Easyups training pants - 7.49

Bounty papertowel - .49

Pampers diapers - 7.99

Bounce dryer sheets - .79

Pringles - both free

animals crackers - 1.29 (a just because item for Kyle)

If I didn't buy the diapers, my total would have been $21.48! Not bad, huh? Check online to see if the Kmart near you is participating in double coupon days.


Jenny said...

You always do so good! I just need coupons! lol

You got any you aint using?

Nick Piekarz said...

Haha Thats Awesome

Alicia said...

That is amazing!! It seems like I'm always the last to find out about good deals!

Daphine said...

WOW! What an awesome deal! It's too bad that we don't have a KMart close by anymore!

The Gabes said...

SO where do you get all your coupons to begin with?

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