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Feb 9, 2009

update on our 'challenge'

We did it! We went a whole week without eating out. We didn't even buy a drink here and there and my hubby didn't buy anything from the snack bar at work. During the week it wasn't hard at all, but the weekend is where we were tested. I was invited to a movie and dinner, with a local play group, but it was a Mommy's night out type of thing. But, since we are doing this challenge, I couldn't go. I would like to have gone, to meet other Mom's and such, but there's always next time.. I hope. We realized that since we can't eat out this month, we really can't go anywhere. So we stayed closed to home. On Saturday, we did something (another first for me, which I'll blog about later) and I made sandwhiches to take along. Not only are we saving money by not eating out, we are saving money on gas since we aren't going out and about. One week down and only two weeks and five days left. But, I'm not counting or anything!!! ;) Who am I kidding?! A Hazelnut Iced coffee from McDonald's is calling my name!

Totally off subject -
I am still in my pj's when I should be in my workout clothes. Today is a day that I do NOT want to go to the gym. But, as soon as I hit publish post. I AM GOING! I can do it! :)
Eat Healthy & Exercise!


Alicia said...

Hi Laura! I'm so impressed about your challenge!!! I's totally easy not to buy things during the week. But, the weekend is soooo hard! I think we buy stuff all weekend!! Especially on Sundays. We have the cafe in church, and then we'll go out to lunch, and then the kids eat more stuff in the cafe when we go back in the evening! Never ending, huh??

And good for you for going to the gym!! I need to walk again..soon!

Brooke said...

congrats on not eating out - that's amazing!!

and good luck with the workout!

Sherry said...

Woohoo! 1 week down and only 3 to go!! :D Y'all can do it!

Daphine said...

Great job! That eating out will break a person....for real!
I'm proud of you. We've totally cut back on eating out too. In fact, we eat out maybe once a month now. Hey...times are hard and we need to be wiser.

Thanks for reminder!

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