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Jun 10, 2009


I'm happy. Very happy. I can't imagine how a lost (non-Christian) person feels. I wonder if they feel a certain emptiness, a certain void...?

I grew up in church and even in a small, private Christian school. So, going to church was just something we did. Once I got married and moved away, things changed. Finding a church that I loved was impossible, especially here in Florida. In Idaho, it was such a small place it was easy to find a good Baptist church. I kept comparing churches to FBC in Misawa. It was the only church I knew! I wish we would have gone to the church we are attending now a long time ago. The two years of church-hopping was pretty much miserable. I hated not being a member of a GOOD church. I hated getting disappointed every time we went home. I hated the emptiness.

I love our church now. The main reason I hate to leave here is because of our church. It is great! Our Pastor doesn't just preach the fru-fru feel good stuff .... he preaches the goooood stuff. I know a lot of people go to church just so that they feel better about themselves. I like to be encouraged, too. But I also want to be convicted. If I'm not convicted how am I going to change?

I'm so happy that I am saved and that I am absolutely positive about where I am going when I leave this earth. I'm so happy that my kids are in church and are learning about Jesus at such a young age. It's amazing how having a great church, that you are a part of, can change your aspect on life and the place you live.

I learned a song a loooooong time ago and I can't remember all the lyrics. Someone help me out! If you know this song, please leave a comment and help me finish the song. I really like this one, but can't for the life of me remember the whole thing!!! It goes like this..

I've got *clap* happiness,
I've got *clap* peace of mind,
I've got the *clap* joy of living
I've got real contentment...?


Sherry said...

I'm sitting here trying to remember all the words. LOL! :D

God is soooo good! :D

Daphine said...

It took my husband and a long time to find the church we are part of too. Now, we've been there more than 13 years and couldn't imagine being anywhere else.

I have no idea on the song. Sorry....

Arlene said...

♫♪ I found happiness,
I found peace of mind;
I found the joy of living,
perfect love sublime;
I've found real contentment,
happy living in accord;
I found happiness all the time,
wonderful peace of mind,
since I found the Lord! ♪♫

I love that song, and I'm glad you are in a good church now, too. I know it makes such a difference in life, doesn't it?! :o)

jenn said...

A good church makes such a difference! And I'm with you, feel good stuff is nice, but it has to go deeper than that. I'm glad you've found a church like that, and I'm so thankful for my church too.

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