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Jun 19, 2009

Thank you for your prayers, but Brandon's Great Grandma passed away last night. She was more than ready to go on. I don't think I have ever known anyone who has passed away before. It's really sad that she is gone. But, I think what is more sad is that I don't know if she went to Heaven. She was a great woman and a great grandma, I would like to think she did. I am kind of fearful to find out. She will be missed!

I tried my best to explain to Kyle that Granny Mac is now gone. Just this morning he has asked me if Obachan (my Mom) and his Grandma (Brandon's Mom) has died. Explaining death to a 3yr old is kinda hard, but I felt that he needed to know, especially since he actually knows and remembers her. We showed him pictures of him and Granny Mac and tried to tell him that she is gone. He told us we had to get on an airplane and go see her. *sigh* :(


mwilson86 said...

aww honey, I am not even sure how I would handle this situation. RIP Granny Mac.....One day Kyle will understand.

Daphine said...

I'm so sorry to hear this. Praying for your precious family dear friend!

Alicia said...

Sorry for your loss! It's even harder not knowing if they are in heaven or not. But, yes, one day you will know.

Kristin said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog....I just thought I'd stop by yours and say hello. I'm sorry to hear about Granny Mac. I know it is really hard to explain to little ones.

jenn said...

Death is hard for all of us to understand, so I can't imagine trying to explain it to a young child.

Praying for peace for your family in all of this.

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