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Jun 15, 2009

Whole Wheat Waffles

Pictures taken -5/04/09

Money Saving Mom's Favorite Whole-Wheat Waffles

Yields 6-8 waffles.

1 3/4 cup whole wheat flour

2 Tablespoons sugar

1 Tablespoon baking powder

2 eggs

1 3/4 cup milk

1/2 cup oil or melted butter

1 teaspoon vanilla

Mix together dry ingredients in one bowl. Lightly beat together wet ingredients in another. Add egg mixture to dry ingredients and stir just until moistened. Pour batter onto lightly-oiled waffle iron and bake until done.

These really are delicious! We love them. I usually double the batch and then freeze the waffles. When we're ready to eat some, I take it out and pop them in the microwave. As you can tell from the pictures, Miss Leah enjoys them a whole lot, too! ;)


The Nelson's said...

Oh my goodness she is gettin so big!!!

Mary said...

Josh said "That's her little girl from the cruise?!?!" HAHA I was like yep, they grow up fast *sigh*

Alicia said...

Aww!! How cute, Laura!!

My mom used to make waffles from scratch and those were the best ever!!

I need a waffle maker!! :)

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