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Oct 13, 2009

Christmas mood

I can't wait for Christmas! I just want to skip Fall/Thanksgiving this year and go straight to Christmas. I'm excited to decorate for it! =) Although, the closer it gets to Christmas the closer we get to moving and that is not something I am looking forward to!!

I found this idea on Melissa's blog and I could not stop thinking about this (cheap!!) project! I went to my dollar store and had a hard time finding the platters/plates/whatever they are called. I wasn't sure what section they would be in, but I finally found them on the bottom of a shelf in the baking/cooking section.

Please excuse my horrible pictures. I am a lazy photographer, haha!

Here they are just after I bought them.
Another shot with me in it :P
Spray painted them red

Here's the backside. Look, I'm a lazy spray painter, too!!

The snowflakes that will be hot-glue'd to the tray.


Closer up

Aren't they adorable!?

Okay, I said this project was cheap. Here's the price break-down for ya!
2 trays from the dollar store (not dollar general) - $2.00
set of 3 snowflakes again from the dollar store - $1.00
red spray paint from Walmart (have a ton leftover to use for other projects!)- $.98
Total cost - $3.98 for 2 cute Christmas decorations!!
Love it!
I'm going to have to go back and pick up some more. They even have some oval ones. Think of all the possible things you could do with these trays!!


Alicia said...

Laura! That is such a cute idea!!!!

I will have to do that!

You're so funny, too!!

jenn said...

Oh, I'm so not ready for Christmas! Seriously.

But that's a really cute idea. I'll have to come back and check this out again on Christmas Eve when I'm madly rushing around trying to get everything together for Christmas. lol.

Daphine said...

WOW! I am totally impressed! How CUTE!

Sherry said...

Cute! :D Great job, Laura!

Kristin said...

Those are SO cute!!! I am just not crafty if it involves any kind of paint. I'm scared to death of it, for some reason. I have no idea why! I love those though!!

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