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Sep 18, 2008

and he's gone

I was going to post a picture of our lonely bed that only has one pillow on it.
Or a picture of our key holder that only has one set of keys hanging down.
Maybe even the empty bathroom counter with only my deodorant sitting there.
But then I remembered my hubby took the camera with him.

He left the house super early (before 5am) and he is on his way to an airshow right now. At least this time he is only gone for 4 days. I think I can handle that. I mean, Kyle is only going through a small phase of "terrible two's" and Leah is ONLY teething (we have decided she is definitely teething.. she woke up at midnight screaming.. and wouldn't eat or take her pacifier.. definitely teething!). I'll be okay. It'll be a long weekend though!


Arlene said...

Sorry I can't help keep you busy while he's away :o( Awww, hugs to you my dear friend! But look, your weekend's half over already! (hopefully, you haven't gone completely insane yet!) :o)

Marie said...

I told you, I'd be there in a heart beat......and would keep you company...only thing, make sure you are stocked on....KITKATS, and i'll be there:)

Sherry said...

4 days is definitely better than 4 months! :D Hope everything goes well! Hugs!!

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