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Sep 23, 2008

when it rains.. it pours

When one thing goes bad in this household.. I always expect ten more things to go wrong! So, when nothing else goes wrong, I am completely shocked and mighty thankful! Tonight was one of the nights where one thing led to another. *sigh*

Kyle took a nap in our bed, but I forgot to put a diaper on him (he only wears a diaper for naps and at night). So he ended up soaking our comforter (that I just washed yesterday), sheets and the bed.
Kyle sat like a big boy at the dining room table tonight. He ended up tipping the chair over and fell down.
I had given him a "regular" cup for his water. He ended up spilling his cup of water all over his dinner and the table.
And hopefully the last event for tonight.. Kyle was sitting in our bed watching a cartoon show, and started throwing up all over the bed. Of course, there was nothing protecting the bed since it was all still being washed from his nap!

Phew! Being a Mom is tough!!! But, I wouldn't trade it for any other job.

One super happy baby..

And one baby who had a rough day.


The Nelson's said...

Super Mom!

Arlene said...

I agree -- it's never just one thing at a time! Hopefully today will go better for everybody in the family!

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