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Sep 18, 2008


I was browsing around on E.L.F. and now I totally want more make-up and new brushes! I am a serious make-up junkie. I need help!!

I ended up getting an appointment for Leah yesterday afternoon. She's had a high fever since Monday and I was getting a bit worried since there was nothing else with this fever. No runny nose, no coughing, no tugging at the ears.. nothing! They put a catheter in to get a urine sample, so they could check for a UTI. My poor baby screamed and cried and it broke my heart. But, good news, she doesn't have a UTI. And there's nothing wrong with her. Her lungs/ears/mouth are all clear. So the doctor said it's probably just a virus that'll go away soon enough.

Since Leah has had this fever, she has been sleeping a lot throughout the day. So, last night, she didn't sleep at all!!! She sleeps in bed with us most of the time since I am too lazy to put her back in her crib. But she whined all night. Now I think she might be teething, which is probably why she has the fever.

The doorbell rings at 850am and I almost didn't hear it (no sleep last night=still asleep at 9am!). I forgot our landlord was coming today to replace our water heater. It's almost 1pm and they are still out there trying to figure out how to get it installed. No running water, so I still haven't gotten a shower yet. ***They just knocked on the door and my water heater is fixed now.. but no hot water until tonight!!!!!!!!!***

I had so many "little things" to write about, so I just combined it all. So here's a funny story I just had to share!

Yesterday Kyle got out of the shower and was wrapped up in his towel. I told him to come to me so that I could put his underwear on. He walks over to me, drops his towel, and yells "surprise!!!!". I about died laughing. After I calmed down, I nicely told him that showing himself was definitely not a surprise. He laughed and then said "sorry". Don't ask where he learned that, because I haven't got a clue!!!


roanne said...

LOL at Kyle!! He probably picked it up from Brandon "surprising" you! Haha

Oh, and I hope that Leah feels better soon. Poor baby!

The Nelson's said...

I hope Leah's fever goes away soon. That would confuse me too and worry me. But at least everything checks out.

I am trying to picture Kyle saying SURPRISE! Or any little boy at that matter. Thats cute!

Arlene said...

Ahahahahahahahaha, seriously, LOL! Love Kyle's story; hilarious! :o) Definitely made my day a little brighter, hehehe!

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