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Sep 13, 2008


Thursday gas was $3.49 per gallon.
Friday, we could hardly find a gas station that still had any gas left!
We paid $3.69.
Walmart, who is supposed to be the cheapest place to fill up, had their prices at $3.75. A $.26 jump in one day!
I am scared to go out today and see what the gas prices are now, now that Hurricane Ike has hit.
Fox News said that gas prices could reach $6 a gallon in some areas!!

So, how much are YOU paying for gas??


Arlene said...

Nathan called last night and said there are a few places in TN that gas is $7 a gallon!!! Yesterday it jumped to $3.49 here, but I haven't been out of the house yet today... I don't think I want to look anyway.

roanne said...

I cant say I'm really shocked because that's pretty standard for gas up here. This past summer it was close to $5.00! Yeah, Im glad I have a hybrid!

Marie said...

I heard that NC is 8.00 a gallon, dont know if it's true......but they said that u can go to jail for putting it up that high......

Mary said...

In KY it's around $3.99. :(

Laura said...

We went up to $3.99, too! But, last night some places went back down to $3.75, so we filled up! A lot of the stations are still out of gas though.

mommaof3 said...

our gas the other day was 4.55 and that was the cheapest place around here but everyone else here was 4.05
and i live in south carolina

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