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Oct 18, 2008

Brother and Uncle

My Brother and I are 19 months apart, so needless to say, we are pretty close. When I got married and moved out, I think he took it harder than anyone else. I haven't seen him since Christmas of 2006, so it's been great catching up! I love my brother and Kyle and Leah are already fascinated with him. They love their Uncle Chris!!

Btw, I cut my brother's hair. He hated it at first, and he still doesn't love it. But, I do! I think it looks great. Wouldn't you agree??


Arlene said...

Mmmm... I can't really tell about the haircut. What I can see looks good, though. :~)

Can't wait to see a whole new "Yasuda" family pic -- when does your mom get in?

Laura said...

Yeah, they aren't the best pictures. I should post a before picture, but Chris might get mad!

My Mom flies in on the 29th!!! I can't wait :D

Sherry said...

How cool! Glad you are able to see your brother! The cut looks good!

roanne said...

The cut looks good. Do you do Brandon's hair too?

BTW, I love Leah's face in the last one, "Mom, you're cutting me out of the picture!" LOL

Laura said...

Roanne, Brandon cuts his own hair most of the time. I just clean up the neck area for him.

Sandra said...

So glad you're enjoying yourself, there's nothing like going back to visit our brothers :)

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