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Oct 31, 2008

Musical Highway

Have you ever heard of the Musical Highway (known in Japan as Melody Road)? There is a Musical Highway here in Lancaster, CA and we rode down it the other night! Definitely cool =) I guess the grooves are made specifically for a Honda Civic, so now I'm curious as to what it sounds like in something other than a Daewoo or a Dodge (what my sister and brother drive). Here's a video clip I took. Can you tell what song it is?? :~)


Sherry said...

Sounds familiar in some way but not sure.

Arlene said...

Umm... at first I thought I knew, but yeah... no idea. lol! I didn't know there was one in Japan, too. Neat!

Laura said...

It's the William Tell Overture song.

Mary said...

I totally didn't get the song but that's awesome!! :)

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