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Oct 3, 2008

I've been tagged!

Sherry tagged me for this meme, so here I go!

1. I am absolutely, completely obsessed with anything BBQ related. I love BBQ Chips, I will put BBQ sauce on pretty much anything I eat. I want to visit Texas.. just to eat their BBQ (well, and to visit some friends, hehe).

2. The one chore that I put off for as long as I can is dusting. I hate to dust!

3. Please, don't send me any hate mail, but I was cheering for Japan in the Olympics. Especially the men's swimming. I love America, I'm an American citizen, but I was born and raised in Japan and I love that country, too. Of course I wasn't disappointed when the U.S. got the gold medal!! It just would have been nice to see my other country do well, too.

4. I am a pack-rat. I am slowly learning that it's okay to get rid of stuff!

5. My kids and I have the same small birthmark on the top of our backs. Mine has slowly moved over as I have gotten older though.

6. Every.single.time my husband leaves and goes TDY I paint my fingernails and my toenails black. LOL.

7. I always thought it would be cool if I married a man who had the last name "Lovelace", I would be 'Laura Lovelace'.. haha, nice, huh?

This was hard for me to do!! I'm supposed to tag 7 people to do this. But, I'm just going to skip that part. But if you want to do this one, pretend I tagged you! ;)

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