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Oct 14, 2008


Am I forgetting something?
How will I use the bathroom while holding Leah?
Will Kyle freak out when I flush the LOUD airplane toilet?
How will we will all fit in the airplane's bathrom?!
Will we have to run to catch our next flight? (only a 45min layover)
Will the kids behave or will they be cranky?
Did I pack enough snacks for us?
Are we going to have a friendly person sitting next to us, who won't mind Kyle's constant talking and Leah's need to be constantly attached to my breasts?
Are my suitcases going to be lost? Because, you know, my coupons are in my suitcase and I just can't lose those!!!!!!

So many questions running through my head. Please pray that we have smooth and safe flights to California!! Thanks in advance =)


Jenny said...

Girl when I traveled with both boys I just made sure I went to the bathroom in the airport bc there was no way we would all fi tinto those lil pee rooms!

Arlene said...

LOL, can't lose those coupons! :P

Maybe I'll just pray that they'll take a good nap on the plane. :o)

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