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Oct 20, 2008

One of those days

Some days I feel like a complete failure as a Mom.
Today has been one of those days.
Some days I believe in the "terrible twos" and some days I think they don't exist.
Today was definitely a believing day.
No matter how many times I threatened, yelled, or spanked, it didn't matter.
And after it was all said and done, I ended up feeling SO guilty for having raised my voice.
I can say "sorry" all I want.
But, actions speak louder than words.
It's just been one of those days.
And now I have to ask/beg/pray to God that He will give me another day.
Another day to try harder. To try better.


Arlene said...

amen and amen, sister...

Jenny said...

These days will come and go many more times in life...but pray and he will see you through them!

Sherry said...

Ugh! We all have those days! :(

Coby said...

Don't feel too bad about raising your voice at your children. It's a perfectly healthy way for them to learn right from wrong (even if it seems like they're not quite getting it yet). It's those who go unpunished for their wrongs that end up spoiled and in control of YOU.

Sometimes I fear the idea of becoming a father one day. I don't know if I have the heart to raise my voice at a kid. Especially if they're really cute! Aww!

Bonnie said...

Hi ... just stopped by from Sandra's place ... love the look of your blog. Just had to comment on this post ... been there so many times ! Isn't God gracious to give us a new day every 24 hours !? And aren't our kids so resilient and accepting of us and our weaknesses ! We could so take a page out of their books in that area !! Hang in there ... you aren't a failure as a Mom ... you are learning as you go ... just like the rest of us ! And I'm sure you are doing a GREAT job !!

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