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Oct 16, 2008


We had a pretty good flight here to California. About 35mins into our first flight, I noticed Kyle was turned in his seat with his blanket over face. I asked him to turn around and that's when I noticed he was crying. He kept saying "Dada gone" and "go home" over and over. I wanted to cry with him, the poor thing was missing his Daddy. It took about 10mins, but I got him to calm down. Kyle did so great on the airplane, I was really shocked. Leah did well, too, but she had her moments where she just wanted to get down and crawl.

My sister and brother came to get us at the airport. They told my niece that they were going to the hospital, because it was a surprise that we were coming in. Kylie thought we weren't flying in until the next day. I wish I would have taken a picture of Kylie's expression when we walked through the door. She was so confused!! LOL

We are having a blast here. My sister has a dog, which the kids aren't used to. Leah has gotten licked in the face a couple of times, and she's not a fan, hehe!!

I have taken over the house. My sister just moved into this house, so I did a lot of re-arranging and decorating yesterday. It's nice decorating with new-to-me stuff!! My sister and I have different tastes in home decor.. I am a more modern person and she's more country!! It's been fun though!

This it totally off-subject, but prayers are definitely needed. The day we left Florida, there was an accident right in front of the street we live on. A military man in a SUV crashed into a bus, it was so bad, his vehicle went underneath the bus. Unfortunately, the Airman didn't make it. Brandon's co-worker was actually one of people who pulled the man out. Please pray for his family. I don't know if he was married or not or if he had any kids.


Jenny said...

Laura I heard the guy was married with one child and one on the way!! Prayers are much needed!

Glad yall made it safely!

Arlene said...

How fun that you were able to surprise Kylie so well! :o) I'm sure you're having a blast!

What a terrible accident; I hope his family will be all right!

Sherry said...

Have a great time, Laura!

Prayign for the family during their time of loss.

roanne said...

I'm glad you guys are having in CA and that your flight was relatively calm. =)

Oh, and how funny that Marie's home decor style is country! I never would have thought that!

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